A Marriage Retreat

Counselors claim that the Marriage Boot Camp is the Best Marriage Retreat available. We heal hurting relationships. Married couples rave about the results of our intense marriage seminar. Hollywood celebrities agree that the Boot Camp saves marriages. Nothing compares to  our marriage retreat. Even couples that have already filed divorced are finding love and respect for each other. If you are ready to put in the hard work, then our couples retreat is the perfect solution.

The Marriage Boot Camp is a 4-day marriage seminar designed to save relationships by using games, drills and exercises. Married couples learn more about themselves by participating in our life-revealing games, than years of counseling and therapy. That’s why marriage counselors trust our marriage retreat. We provide marriage help to break through impossible marriage problems. That’s because our exercises put couples through progressive drills. Each drill builds upon the last and they combine to dramatically impact marriages.

Married couples are amazed how an intense marriage encounter has changed their lives. The Marriage Boot Camp helps couples make really tough decisions. We can’t promise to save every marriage, but we do make this promise: Whether couples stay together or not, there is a peaceful outcome because everyone is able to release bitterness and resentment during the seminar.

A Marriage Seminar

The Marriage Boot Camp is much more than a Marriage Seminar. We believe that you must change people before you can change a marriage. Spouses are challenged to work on their own baggage. We will work on your mate, while you work on yourself. The results are amazing. When two people grow and mature, then marriages follow along and are transformed.

The success rate is phenomenal because this isn’t marriage counseling or a boring workshop. The Marriage Boot Camp is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Our marriage seminar is fast paced, exciting and impactful.


Dr Phil Couples Marriage Retreat Recommendations
Dr. Drew Marriage Help Seminars

Dr. Phil Marriage Seminar

Dr Phil and Dr. Drew recommend our boot camp.  Gene Simmons, Trista and Ryan Sutter, Bridezillas and JWoww experienced the Marriage Boot Camp first hand. You can attend the couples retreat that inspired the TV show. The Marriage Boot Camp is conducted every month in various locations across the United States.

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At the Marriage Boot Camp I released past hurts and found forgiveness for myself.

Alison from Los Angeles

The Boot Camp gave me a renewal of my stagnant marriage!

Alyssa from Houston

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp has completely changed my life where I can truly say, ?I am free?, free from hurts, fear, self-doubt and all baggage that has kept me from close relationships. I am now closer to God than before. I am free to love without fear and I want help as many as I can to be set free by love!

Liz from Atlanta, GA

This program will change your life for the better!! Any bitterness, resentment, hurt, anger, lonliness, communication issues, abandonment, abuse that is embedded in your life this camp will escape you from it. You will feel enlightened and back to loving life instead of just living life!! Bootcamp was amazing! I was able to find my best friend and the love of my life that was lost in our hectic life!

Stacey & Marcus McKenzie

Please, do yourself and or your spouse this honor of making the time to go through and complete Life Enrichment or Marriage Boot Camp. There are so many ways we get locked up and compressed in this life. Many times we don't even realize it because we can't even see it or recognize it. This will Give you the tools to clear the mechanism and start a life of freedom and become a differene maker. You can become the significance of ONE. If you want to finally be free and become the person you were created to be, live the life you have dreamed of, please sign up. AMAZING GROWTH!

steve, dallas, Texas

The Marriage Boot Camp has made my life rich. Unbelievable! I am free to be me. I have finally found myself and can see my own face. What a real reward! No more masks.

April from Harrisburg, PA

I came by myself and left with more healing and more hope than I imagined possible. I will be happier and have the tools to heal my present relationship or be healed for the future.

Robert from Vancouver

The marriage seminar did a lot for me. I became free of my anger and pain.

Nicholas from Vancouver

I'm going to start off by saying I hope your back is better. Boy Oh Boy I never in my wildest dreams thought I could feel like this.I want to thank you Jim,David, Monica and Glen. You guys are SO AWESOME. I feel like I weight 180lbs. again. I have clear and a strong sense of looking to the future. My wife and I are stronger than ever before. I can tell her love her again were doing GREAT. The kids are happy to. The MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP is the best thing that has ever happen to this family.

Scott from Spokane, WA

Twenty-two years of baggage was dropped off and destroyed. A new, confident, deserving, whole man came forth respecting & protecting my wife. Our marriage will be greater than ever. To God be the Glory!

L.C. from Dallas