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Marriage Boot Camp: A Couples Retreat and Marriage Seminar

Counselors claim that the Marriage Boot Camp is the Best Marriage Retreat available for modern day couples. Jim Carroll, the founder of the seminar, has more than 20 years specializing in healing relationships and changing lives. The Boot Camp’s record for saving marriages is why marriage counselors trust our one-of-a-kind marriage retreat. Married couples rave about the results of our intense Marriage Seminar. Most couples consider it one of the top five experiences of their lives.  Even Hollywood celebrities agree that the Boot Camp saves marriages.

The Marriage Boot Camp is much more than a Marriage Seminar. We believe that you must change people before you can change a marriage. Spouses are challenged to work on their own baggage. We will work on your mate, while you work on yourself. The results are amazing. When two people grow and mature, then marriages follow along and are transformed.

Our success rate is phenomenal because this isn’t marriage counseling or a boring workshop. The Marriage Boot Camp is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Dr Phil and Dr. Drew recommend our boot camp. Gene Simmons, Trista and Ryan Sutter, Bridezillas and JWoww experienced the Marriage Boot Camp first hand. You too can attend the same couples retreat that inspired the TV show. The Marriage Boot Camp is conducted regularly in various locations across the United States.

What are the odds of your marriage ending in divorce? Take this quiz and find out. Even if you think divorce is the only option, there is still hope. The Marriage Boot Camp seminar and retreat has helped thousands of couples on the brink of divorce. No matter how bad you think it is, your marriage can be saved.

The Marriage Boot Camp is for couples only. It is designed for all serious relationships whether married, engaged, dating or divorcing. The Marriage Boot Camp will simultaneously attend the Life Enrichment Boot Camp. The $1,200.00 registration fees covers the cost of both programs. Attendees must attend all sessions during the four days. You would be responsible for your own travel,
meals and hotel fees.

Marriage Boot Camp Schedule

The Marriage Boot Camp is a four day program and the schedule is

  • Wednesday – Friday | 10:00am – 11:00pm
  • Saturday | 10:00am – 7:00pm
The Marriage Boot Camp freed me to start over and do things right this time. It made me realize that I had alot of work to do. It also allowed me to approach life from a whole different perspective.

Cleon from Dallas

It is said that some things happen that will create memories, others events will change your life forever. Sadly some of those impact us in ways that we never dreamed would grab us and hang on for the ride of our lives... When we remember them, they tear at the very depth of who we are and make us question everything we say we believe in. It is exactly those "leaches" that life enrichment boot camp helps us get rid of. The "baggage" that we drag into our friendships, family and relationships. For me it was time to give them a home of their own. The graveyard. I am forever impacted in a positive manner because of LEBC. It gave me the tools to recognize and remove what was hindering me from having a fulfilling life. I would recommend it to any one of the people I call my friend and even those I call my enemy because they just might be a friend who is so covered with leaches I can't even recognize them.

Barbara from Dallas, TX

It taught me to forgive and to tear down the wall that I had built to insulate myself from pain. I realized while protecting myself from pain, I couldn't let in the love or share love.

Connie from Atlanta

I attended the Marriage Boot Camp this month (May 2006)and although I gave my sponsor a hard time about "signing me up", I'm so blessed and grateful that I went. Although this is not a "fix-all", it is definitely a tremendous step in the right direction. I came out of the experience with a brand new perspective of who I am and what I have to offer. Thank you so much to the trainers (especially Jennifer and Debbie-yes I forgive you!! HA HA)and volunteers that give of their time to help others. What an awesome God we have!

Bambi from Hampshire, VT

The Marriage Retreat made me realize that I had issues to resolve. It gave me peace within myself.

David from Plano

A week ago our marriage was lifeless. We never even talked to each other. We were co-habitants in a house with a teenager. We attended the boot camp this past week and it is truly life-changing. Hard to believe in just four days that they can radically change the direction of our marriage, but it is true for us as well as about 50 other couples on the brink of divorce. My husband and I see each other in a totally different light now and it is thanks to the incredible directors and trainers at the Marriage Boot Camp. Thank you from the bottom of my now-unbroken heart.

Linda from Frisco, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp gave me the tools and the opportunity to save my marriage. I feel the life lessons I learned here will enrich my relationships in all areas of my life for the rest of my life.

Bill from Sacramento, CA

The Marriage Retreat allowed me to forgive and rid myself of the bitterness, anger and resentment that I had harbored for the last 12 years.

Sherry from Houston

The Boot Camp healed my pain and restored my self worth.

Carolyn from Winnipeg

The Boot Camp gave me a renewal of my stagnant marriage!

Alyssa from Houston