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Marriage Boot Camp: A Couples Retreat and Marriage Seminar

Counselors claim that the Marriage Boot Camp is the Best Marriage Retreat available for modern day couples. Jim Carroll, the founder of the seminar, has more than 20 years specializing in healing relationships and changing lives. The Boot Camp’s record for saving marriages is why marriage counselors trust our one-of-a-kind marriage retreat. Married couples rave about the results of our intense Marriage Seminar. Most couples consider it one of the top five experiences of their lives.  Even Hollywood celebrities agree that the Boot Camp saves marriages.

The Marriage Boot Camp is much more than a Marriage Seminar. We believe that you must change people before you can change a marriage. Spouses are challenged to work on their own baggage. We will work on your mate, while you work on yourself. The results are amazing. When two people grow and mature, then marriages follow along and are transformed.

Our success rate is phenomenal because this isn’t marriage counseling or a boring workshop. The Marriage Boot Camp is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Dr Phil and Dr. Drew recommend our boot camp. Gene Simmons, Trista and Ryan Sutter, Bridezillas and JWoww experienced the Marriage Boot Camp first hand. You too can attend the same couples retreat that inspired the TV show. The Marriage Boot Camp is conducted regularly in various locations across the United States.

What are the odds of your marriage ending in divorce? Take this quiz and find out. Even if you think divorce is the only option, there is still hope. The Marriage Boot Camp seminar and retreat has helped thousands of couples on the brink of divorce. No matter how bad you think it is, your marriage can be saved.

The Marriage Boot Camp is for couples only. It is designed for all serious relationships whether married, engaged, dating or divorcing. The Marriage Boot Camp will simultaneously attend the Life Enrichment Boot Camp. The $1,200.00 registration fees covers the cost of both programs. Attendees must attend all sessions during the four days. You would be responsible for your own travel,
meals and hotel fees.

Marriage Boot Camp Schedule

The Marriage Boot Camp is a four day program and the schedule is

  • Wednesday – Friday | 10:00am – 11:00pm
  • Saturday | 10:00am – 7:00pm
Ok. My best advice is to take that marriage bootcamp seriously. My husband and I went, dealt with some things, went back home and seperated 3 months later. Yes, after 10 months, we are still married. BUT, we did not really deal with the issues of our marriage. We forgot what we learned almost as soon as we left. As I watch the bootcamp on t.v., I realize that we did not even come near facing problems like the featured couples did. I wish I could do it again. TAKE IT Seriously and DON'T Forget.

Victoria, Kearney,NE

It just isn't possible for me to explain the difference the Marriage Retreat made in my life and subsequently my family's. But it must be pretty big because now my husband who was not even a little interested has decided he wants to go to camp as well after seeing the change I went through. There is no turning back;Praise God!

Crissy from Los Angeles, CA

The marriage seminar conference took all of my past hurts, all the way from childhood, and i was able to forgive them and release years of burdens. I actually stood up straighter!

Peggy from Atlanta

Attending the Life Enrichment Boot Camp, was a wonderful decision which changed my life. I could never have imagined what a few days in Atlanta would do for me. I found it difficult to imagine, as Todd said the first night, that a room of 40 strangers would become as close as we did. There was such a feeling of love and closeness by Saturday afternoon. My trainer, Joel Smith, was very understanding and perceptive of the needs and issues of each of the four attendees in his group. I walked away from that experience with a total sense of freedom and a direction for my future. Keep up the good work!!


Not until I completed the boot camp, did I have the self confidence and since of self worth to really allow myself to feel there are people in my life who truely love me. During the boot camp, God answered some of my most heartfelt prayers and I truly saw miracles occur right before me.

Tish from Houston

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp gave me an entirely new look at life, love, and God. Thank you so much!

Mary from Atlanta, GA

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is absolutely the most awesome experience, other than accepting Jesus as my Savior, that I have ever had. This opportunity should not be missed by anyone who has received an invitation, because all these invitations come from love.

Brenda from Houston, TX

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp opened my heart and eyes to forgive and to love myself so I can make choices to love back.

Bill from Atlanta, GA

Marriage Boot Camp and the Life Enrichment course changed my life. I came hungry and ready for change, however, I had guards up because I had been hurt in the past. The Boot Camp allowed me to peel back years of layers and it showed me that I could leave my baggage behind and never pick it up again. The most important lesson I learned is that I had to learn to love my self and most of all forgive myself for the different things that had happened in my life. I realized through the years I was very mean to myself and that I needed to stop the negative self-talk. My toolbox is full of tools now and I am equipped to continue to do the work to be a healthy person. My marriage has blossomed and progressed so much because of the Marriage Boot Camp. My husband and I received tools on how to communicate and it has changed the way we function in our marriage. Todd, Teresa, Angie, Dave and all of the trainers were so awesome! For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am no longer sitting on the bench in my life but I am an active participant.

Kimberly, Atlanta, GA

The marriage seminar delivered me from bitterness about 9/11.

Barbara from Atlanta