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About the Marriage Boot Camp

A Marriage Seminar and Marriage Retreat

Counselors claim that the Marriage Boot Camp is the Best Marriage Retreat available for modern day couples. Jim Carroll, the founder of the seminar, has more than 20 years specializing in healing relationships and changing lives. The Boot Camp’s record for saving marriages is why marriage counselors trust our one-of-a-kind marriage retreat. Married couples rave about the results of our intense Marriage Seminar. Most couples consider it one of the top five experiences of their lives.  Even Hollywood celebrities agree that the Boot Camp saves marriages.

The Marriage Boot Camp is much more than a Marriage Seminar. We believe that you must change people before you can change a marriage. Spouses are challenged to work on their own baggage. We will work on your mate, while you work on yourself. The results are amazing. When two people grow and mature, then marriages follow along and are transformed.

Our success rate is phenomenal because this isn’t marriage counseling or a boring workshop. The Marriage Boot Camp is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Dr Phil and Dr. Drew recommend our boot camp. Gene Simmons, Trista and Ryan Sutter, Bridezillas and JWoww experienced the Marriage Boot Camp first hand. You too can attend the same couples retreat that inspired the TV show. The Marriage Boot Camp is conducted regularly in various locations across the United States.

What are the odds of your marriage ending in divorce? Take this quiz and find out. Even if you think divorce is the only option, there is still hope. The Marriage Boot Camp seminar and retreat has helped thousands of couples on the brink of divorce. No matter how bad you think it is, your marriage can be saved.

The Marriage Boot Camp is for couples only. It is designed for all serious relationships whether married, engaged, dating or divorcing. The Marriage Boot Camp will simultaneously attend the Life Enrichment Boot Camp. The $1,200.00 registration fees covers the cost of both programs. Attendees must attend all sessions during the four days. You would be responsible for your own travel,
meals and hotel fees.

Marriage Boot Camp Schedule

The Marriage Boot Camp is a four day program and the schedule is

  • Wednesday – Friday | 10:00am – 11:00pm
  • Saturday | 10:00am – 7:00pm

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The marriage seminar helped me love myself. It made me a better person.

Mary from Winnipeg

My wife and I attended the Marriage Bootcamp in Plano and while I was very skeptical at first, we've both found some great tools, and made some great friends, through the bootcamp. One of my biggest concerns was whether, or how much, focus there would be on religion/god/spirituality. As an atheist in Texas, this kind of thing gets shoved in my face on a seemingly regular basis, and it's gotten to be a bit much for me at times. However, I can say that while yes the subject of god is brought up in the bootcamp, it's not the focus, and there's no expectation that the attendees acknowledge or worship a divine being. Instead, the focus is solely on the kind of relationship the attendees want to have with a god; or in my case, being able to heal some of the damage done by corrupt church officials so that I can have a healthier respect for the beliefs of others. What's more, Jim, Elizabeth, and David were all extremely respectful of my views on the matter, and went out of their way to make me comfortable when the subject of religion/spirituality/god was brought up. If you're atheist or agnostic, or even a non-Christian, I would encourage you to still attend the bootcamp and get what you can out of it. As David said early on the first, not every drill is for you, but it could be something important for others. If you just view the portion of the event dedicated to relationships with a divine being as something that can help others even if it doesn't help you, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Corbett from Richardson, TX

It freed me of a lot of guilt I was carring in my heart for a long time. I know that God has freed me. I now have joy in my heart.

Huey from Atlanta

I watched this show lastnight for thr first time. It made me cry, and it made me want to hold, and tell my husband how much I love him. Must of all it made me want to share this show with my good friend who is going through some marriage trouble,and could watch this show to know things can change. What a great show, and Idea for people last in love. Keep up the good work.

Nellie, Oxford, NC

Twenty-two years of baggage was dropped off and destroyed. A new, confident, deserving, whole man came forth respecting & protecting my wife. Our marriage will be greater than ever. To God be the Glory!

L.C. from Dallas

What a life changing experience! The marriage seminar was truly AWESOME. This boot camp has helped me open up and find the heart I never knew I had. It has helped me understand other people?s feelings and it has shown me that my wife and I can achieve happiness. I recommend this seminar to everyone!

Derrick from Mount Pleasant SC

The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp brought me back to the time in my life before the troubles and ills of the world were dumped on my shoulders. I learned to dump the baggage and learn to live without the hurt and pain.

Mike from Los Angeles, CA

I came to marriage bootcamp as a last attempt to save my marriage. Hoping and praying it would help me get through to my husband. What I realized was I was broke and played a huge part in my marriage falling apart. My husband quit the program and that left me. I had a great deal of support and inspired other couples not to end up like me. I am at peace now with the divorce and can let go and move on. I wouldnt have been able to do this without the help I received from the trainers. Thank you so much! I am truly a better person for this experience.

Michelle, Tucson, AZ

The marriage retreat made me want to forgive my ex-wife for all the pain she caused me. After I forgave her I forgave myself and feel so much better.

Gary from Ft Worth, TX

I have never had an experience like the Boot Camp ... it gave me such a sense of Reality in who I am, what I need, and how to get it! I can honestly say my life is changed as a result of attending. I believe God wanted me to have this experience so I could not only see myself the way he does, but react to myself the way he does (in love). I actually found a realistic purpose for myself ... The interactive exercises & games prove that love requires action ... In pulpits and programs across America, there is way too much "identifying" of problems with no action to resolve and no mention of solution. I am personally tired of hearing "about" the problem .... I need answers with the actions that go with them. I need the power of Christ's answers, actions, and solutions instead of "talk". I got answers and action at Boot Camp! Jesus Christ was very real to me there! Thank you, Jim Carroll, and all Boot Camp Staff! Finally, something real!

Debbie from Houston, Texas