A Marriage Retreat

Counselors claim that the Marriage Boot Camp is the Best Marriage Retreat available for modern day couples. Jim Carroll, the founder of the seminar, has more than 20 years specializing in healing relationships and changing lives. The Boot Camp’s record for saving marriages is why marriage counselors trust our one-of-a-kind marriage retreat. Married couples rave about the results of our intense Marriage Seminar. Most couples consider it one of the top five experiences of their lives.  Even Hollywood celebrities agree that the Boot Camp saves marriages.

Nothing compares to our Marriage Retreat. Even couples that have already filed divorce are finding love and respect for each other. If you are ready to put in the hard work, then our couples retreat is the perfect solution.

The Marriage Boot Camp is a 4-day marriage seminar designed to save relationships by using games, drills and exercises. Married couples learn more about themselves by participating in our life-revealing games, than years of counseling and therapy. We provide marriage help to break through impossible problems. Our exercises put couples through progressive drills. Each drill builds upon the next, combined to dramatically impact marriages.

Married couples are amazed how our intense marriage encounter has changed their lives. The Marriage Boot Camp helps couples make really tough decisions. We can’t promise to save every marriage, but we do make this promise: Whether couples stay together or not, there is a peaceful outcome because everyone is able to release bitterness and resentment during the seminar.

A Marriage Seminar

The Marriage Boot Camp is much more than a Marriage Seminar. We believe that you must change people before you can change a marriage. Spouses are challenged to work on their own baggage. We will work on your mate, while you work on yourself. The results are amazing. When two people grow and mature, then marriages follow along and are transformed.

Our success rate is phenomenal because this isn’t marriage counseling or a boring workshop. The Marriage Boot Camp is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Strengthen Your Marriage

Your relationship does not have to be in trouble to attend a Marriage Boot Camp. Many happily married couples, engaged couples, or those seeking to work proactively on their relationship attend. We offer valuable conflict resolution and communication tools to strengthen relationships against future trials and turmoil.

Marriage Retreat Cost

What will be my Cost? Our seminar fee is remarkably low for four days of training. Your cost to attend is only $1200 per couple and many times we have partial scholarships. Our Seminar cost tab answers more questions regarding financial assistance.


Dr Phil Couples Marriage Retreat Recommendations
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Dr. Drew Marriage Help Seminars

Dr. Phil Marriage Seminar

Dr Phil and Dr. Drew recommend our boot camp. Gene Simmons, Trista and Ryan Sutter, Bridezillas and JWoww experienced the Marriage Boot Camp first hand. You too can attend the same couples retreat that inspired the TV show. The Marriage Boot Camp is conducted regularly in various locations across the United States.

Expect a Marriage Miracle

The Boot Camp is much more than a marriage seminar or boring workshop. Men love our marriage seminar because its fast paced, exciting and impactful. Women say they love our marriage seminars because it provides that emotional reconnection and safe environment to address deep hurts. Some of the issues our drills address include: communication, sex & intimacy, forgiveness, emotional language, control & anger along with tools on managing family conflict in a healthy manner.

Life Enrichment Boot Camp

What if my spouse won’t attend? Although your mate must be present in order to attend the Marriage Boot Camp, we offer support for those individuals where their mate refuses to attend. This program is called the Life Enrichment Boot Camp. At the Life Enrichment Boot Camp, each person will receive personalized coaching to address issues that they want to conquer.

Marriage Retreat Dates

Check out the dates and schedules below:

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At the Life Enrichment Boot Camp I learned how to TRULY love myself and forgive myself. I now understand how all the "negative tapes" have affected my life. I was a passive person, and just let WHATEVER sway me. I know what it means to be FREE and I now have the tools neccesary to continue walking in that freedom. LEBC really changed my life for the better. My situation did not change when I graduated Seminar, but I DID and I can hold my head up high and have REAL peace in my heart. Even though life is EXTREMELY PAINFUL at times, the LEBC taught me how to deal with that pain and PRESS ON!!

Pamela from Vancouver

I would not trade those four days for anything.

Marti from Atlanta

I can honestly say this is the first time I have truly been HAPPY! I'm really glad that I went to the Marriage Retreat.

Amanda from Winnipeg, MB

The Marriage Boot and Life Enrichment Boot Camp was definitely a life changing experience. I feel more confident, capable, open, and honest as a woman! My husband and I both grew as individuals and as a couple! We met so many people! We walked away with so many new friendships! The Boot Camp was one of the best experiences of MY LIFE!

Kelly Claremore, OK

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp was the greatest experience of my life! It allowed me to let go of so many things from the past. I know that I am a better person due to this experience. I know that my marriage will be so much stronger because of this weekend! Thanks to all of you at Life Enrichment Boot Camp, you have helped me enrich my life in ways I did not think were possible!

Vicki from Dallas, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp was the greatest gift I have ever given myself! I was set free of unforgiveness within myself and I have my joy back that was stolen from me as a child! I am so excited about life and I can now move forward to be all that God has called me to be as a woman of God! I would recommend this to everyone!

Judy from Houston, TX

My husband and I attended the Marriage boot camp in January of 2013 after being given a referral from a friend. This friend told me how much of an amazing difference this program had made not only in her marriage but in her life. The week before the program I just wanted to pack and leave our marriage. The pain that I experienced on a daily bases was too much to handle. I am now aware that I just wanted everything over; my marriage, my life, and the daily pain. On the first day I started crying on the drive to the program and continued to cry the entire first day, and was shocked to see that I was not alone. Everyone there was in similar daily pain just like me. The first day brought the realization that this was going to take 100% of my entire physical, mental, and emotional strength to get through to Saturday. The first day also brought the realization that everyone in that room was committed to helping us heal , and that gave all of us the strength to push forward. Over the course of the next three days and through numerous drills I became aware of the real problem in my life and our marriage. I went through a complete transformation that started with;
The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp opened my heart and eyes to forgive and to love myself so I can make choices to love back.

Bill from Atlanta, GA

The marriage workshop was an enlightening experience. It gave me self-confidence and hope for a better future.

Shelley from Atlanta, GA

We came in to the Marriage Seminar so broken, hope seemed like a luxury for others. But we weren't alone anymore. The other couples enrolled were like us, broken and in pain. Forgiveness and releasing the emotional baggage has changed the way we love ourselves, and love each other. As individuals we are stronger, worthy, and at peace with our own individuality. As we arrived home, it was as clear to our families as the smiles on our face. Hope is now ours.

Ryan & Christy from Trenton, NJ