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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

The boot camp have change are lifes. Today we live happy free from guilt and shame. The boot camp showed us how to forgive, love, enjoy each other were so thankfull for the the couple we met.


Mark and I were done. We had not lived together in more than two years and I was really hoping that the Marriage Seminar Boot Camp would assist us in making the divorce a smooth transition. SURPRISE! What an incredible experience. I learned so much about myself, relationship with others, Mark and Jesus. I have been given the gift of growing in the truth of who I am and who I want to be. Mark is now and will be forever my best friend. In all the years we were together I never really felt that. We have been given tangible tools to use as we move forward together, and I have never felt so secure or right about anything.

Kirsten _ Watauga, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp seminar opened my eyes and heart to unconditional love and forgiveness. It's a beautiful thing!

Lily from Los Angeles

Life Enrichment Boot Camp helped me realized that unforgiveness hurts me and my relationships with loved ones, and it also helped me forgive.

Lilia from Winnipeg

My husband and I went through the Marriage Boot Camp and it is exactly what you see on TV. It is hard to explain how all the drills work on making you a better person. The camp showed us we want a long lasting loving relationship. Don't walk! Run to the camp. You will not regret it.


The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp has shown me, I am worthy of God's love and I can live a peaceful life. I am now able to receive God's love and give that same love to my fellow man.

James from Houston, TX

I always knew something was wrong with me but never knew what it was or how to fix it. Before boot camp, I believed I was an object put on this earth to be abused. Not only was I able to forgive my abusers, my belief has changed to me knowing that I am a person, worthy of love and respect, strong, confident, and valuable. . .I am finally living my life and loving myself. My mind is clear, my heart is healed, and my soul is FREE!

Tamra from Dallas, TX

The Boot Camp renewed our marriage. It dropped our excess baggage and lifted our marriage to new heights.

Van from Dallas

The marriage bootcamp was not my idea. It was my boyfriend's and although I initially objected, I decided it would be a birthday gift for him. Well, it turned out to be a gift that the both of us would cherish for the rest of our lives. I went in not realizing I was bound by my past and present,unforgiving, not understanding of others, not accepting people for who they were or what they thought. I came out a forgiving, accepting and understanding woman. I came out FREE. I thank God for the things I've endured and the ability to share with others. I thank God for enabling the trainers to do this work. I am grateful for the relationships I've gained through bootcamp. And last, but not least, I thank God for Mark(my boo)for having the desire to do this and the will to give it 100%. I found my heart in Texas.

MARCELLA, Brooklyn, NewYork

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp Seminar was life changing. I would want this for all of my friends and loved ones. I can now go forward in my life in a positive way.

Marla from Houston, TX