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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I have attended Dr. Phil's Pathways, Choices and The Road Adventure prior to coming to the Marrige Seminar Boot Camp. Nothing had the impact I experience. I gained self worth and love for myself and others. My marriage will never be the same. I would recommend that all therapists, christian counselors and psychologists send their clients here. Remarkable.

James from Dallas, TX

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp helped me to discover myself, and rededicate my life to Christ.

Angela from Ottawa

Please, do yourself and or your spouse this honor of making the time to go through and complete Life Enrichment or Marriage Boot Camp. There are so many ways we get locked up and compressed in this life. Many times we don't even realize it because we can't even see it or recognize it. This will Give you the tools to clear the mechanism and start a life of freedom and become a differene maker. You can become the significance of ONE. If you want to finally be free and become the person you were created to be, live the life you have dreamed of, please sign up. AMAZING GROWTH!

steve, dallas, Texas

This marriage seminar opened up my eyes to all the hurt and resentment I had been carrying. It showed me how to let go, to love myself. It also made my husband and I realize how much we truly love each other.

Brandon from Dallas, TX

The Life Enrichment Workshop gave me the opportunity to explore my baggage and in a loving, secure environment to really analyze and make a decision to free myself of this baggage and begin the process of loving myself so I can fully love others.

Zan from Vancouver

A week ago our marriage was lifeless. We never even talked to each other. We were co-habitants in a house with a teenager. We attended the boot camp this past week and it is truly life-changing. Hard to believe in just four days that they can radically change the direction of our marriage, but it is true for us as well as about 50 other couples on the brink of divorce. My husband and I see each other in a totally different light now and it is thanks to the incredible directors and trainers at the Marriage Boot Camp. Thank you from the bottom of my now-unbroken heart.

Linda from Frisco, TX

My husband and I are thrilled with the outcome of the Marriage Retreat Bootcamp. We have been able to take what we learned and apply it to our lives. It's only been two weeks and there is a dramatic change in our lives already. Four months ago, I was ready to take my children and leave my husband but the Lord sent us to the Marriage Bootcamp to learn how to love and respect each other. Jim and David were awesome!

Lonnie _ Pearland, TX

I was pretty sure my wife and I were going to be divorced. I had spent most of my life angry and miserable and resentful towards women. I convinced my wife to go to the marriage bootcamp in Atlanta Georgia in a last chance effort to repair our marriage. Marriage Bootcamp has helped my wife and I to repair our relationship and has helped heal the pains and suffering that I have carried around for most of my life. Marriage Bootcamp is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Terry from Leonardtown, Maryland

The marriage seminar gave me self confidence, release from guilt and to trust again. I realized I am a worthy person and worthy of a healthy, whole relationship.

Sandy from Los Angeles, CA

The marriage seminar conference took all of my past hurts, all the way from childhood, and i was able to forgive them and release years of burdens. I actually stood up straighter!

Peggy from Atlanta