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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage boot camp. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and JWoww have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our marriage seminars first hand.

Marriage Boot Camp: A Couples Retreat and Marriage Seminar

This weekend was the most awesome expierence of my life, I highly recommend it to everyone. It will enhance your life to know end. Thanks so much to all the staff and everyone for touching my life. Bless you all, Tammy

Tammy from McKinney, TX

The marriage seminar taught me how to really forgive with my heart and not just with words, and to be able to love again.

Leann from Vancouver

The Marriage Boot Camp made me realize that I needed to take care of me. Taking care of me will help me to become the whole person God intended me to become.

Donna from Los Angeles

The marriage seminar helped me love myself. It made me a better person.

Mary from Winnipeg

I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience at the Marriage Seminar. My husband and I went in Oct 2005. He had gone through another seminar that was similar and thought he was not going to get anything out of it - WELL HE GOT ALOT OUT OF IT. We both are glad we INVESTED the time and effort to go. In the class you will have alot of fun - make friends, get a new outlook on life - it was interesting and fabulous. My coach was outstanding! I think this should be MANDATORY before marriage and about the 10 year mark - It brightened my world. THANK YOU Jim and Dave and all the staff - your making the world a better place!

Wendy from Ottawa, Canada

At the Life Enrichment Boot Camp I learned how to TRULY love myself and forgive myself. I now understand how all the "negative tapes" have affected my life. I was a passive person, and just let WHATEVER sway me. I know what it means to be FREE and I now have the tools neccesary to continue walking in that freedom. LEBC really changed my life for the better. My situation did not change when I graduated Seminar, but I DID and I can hold my head up high and have REAL peace in my heart. Even though life is EXTREMELY PAINFUL at times, the LEBC taught me how to deal with that pain and PRESS ON!!

Pamela from Vancouver

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to have gone through this camp! I really am completely free! What a great experience! YOU MUST DO IT! Todd, Thank you so much so everything, I really appreciate you more than you will ever know! David, Thanks so much! If you want healing, ATTEND! CW

Chuck, Memphis, TN

I attended the Marriage seminar with hopes of change. That is EXACTLY what happened in my life. I had been carrying baggage from past hurts that I did not realize I had until I began the work on myself thru the bootcamp. I have attended IMAGO therapy as well as counselling in the past; though it helped me to open myself up somewhat, it did not compare to the outcome of the bootcamp. I am grateful for the way God works in lives of this program. When you truly open yourself to the fullest and follow the steps outlined in this program, it WILL change and help you release the "old stuff" that affects who you are today. My best to all who are involved in this program!

Cathy from Vidor, TX

The Boot Camp opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself. I have been with Equally Yoked singles organization since February and never attended any activities due to my old fears, but now I am excited about finding friends.

Renee from Harrisburg, PA

The Boot Camp completely opened my eyes.

Danielle from Atlanta