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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

At the Marriage Boot Camp I was able to forgave the person that I thought I would never be able to forgive. Because I did not know how to do it step by step. And...It feels great!, I feel free, full of love and serenity. I was used to live with worry and some resentment towards this person because of his actions. I can't belive how different I see him now. I feel compassion, even love and understanding. I see all people around me with acceptance and some love. And guess what?, It feels great!!! The most important I learned in the camp was to LOVE MYSELF. The Boot Camp is the best gift I've ever received from a friend.

Olga from Milam, Texas

I have reattached with my Lord, my spouse and myself. I have emptied lots of garbage from my past, and look forward to the days ahead. I simply experienced a miracle!

Jon from Dallas

I watched the show last night and I found comfort in seeing other couples like "us". It was like seeing us on tv with the same issues & problems....however, the show had solutions. Thats what we don't I will watch it again and tell my friends. My immediate goal will be to tell my husband about it and invite him to watch it with me.


The Marriage seminar helped me to deal with issues I was aware. It also helped me discover and resolve issues I didn?t know were holding me back from experiencing all that God had for me and my marriage. -

Walt from Dallas

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp is wonderful. I was glad to go for the 4 days. It made me realize a lot about myself and how I needed to take direction of my life. I have also started to go back to church, which is something that I let slip away.

Jacqueline from Houston, TX

The marriage workshop was an enlightening experience. It gave me self-confidence and hope for a better future.

Shelley from Atlanta, GA

The Life Enrichment and Marriage Bootcamps have completely shifted my perspective, have helped me rediscover my self-confidence, shown me how to embrace the power of forgiveness, and have taught me how to love and respect myself and others unconditionally.

Andrea from Bakersfield, CA

My wife and I attended the marriage boot camp as a last resort attempt to save our marriage. In fact, just two days before we were to fly to Atlanta, I had just had enough and felt, to go through with the seminar would just be a waste of money, so I cancelled everything! I was finished!! I thank God that my wife wouldn't give in....she informed me was going! With or with out me! Long story short, I scrambled to get us signed back up. We arrived home yesterday and I will swear to you; We are both changed people.....forever! I had absolutely no idea the pain and the baggage I had been carrying for 48 years and how it was impacting my relationships. Not just with my wife-my supposed "life Partner", but with my children, and ALL those I come in contact with! My wife was also burdened with issues from her past..... We learned together, the importance of being able to recognize those issues and the pain they were causing, like a cancer growing in our souls. Most importantly we learned the POWER of forgiveness, especially for ourselves, and the tools to "cast this baggage" from our lives! We are excited this day, to start our lives anew. Knowing that I truly have my best friend again, the tools we need to deal with life's issues, and that together we can conquer anything that comes our way!

Greg from Elko, NV

The Boot Camp marriage seminar changed my life for the better. I forgave the past and I love myself.

Michelle from Winnipeg

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp gave me a sense of freedom from the pain and anger I was holding inside. My self worth was restored.

Judy from Winnipeg