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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp brought healing to my life that then helped bring healing to my marriage. I didn?t even know I was still harboring strong childhood guilt that was sabotaging our relationship.

Drue from Dallas

My husband and I attended Marriage Boot Camp a few months ago. I truly experienced a life changing event. I am free from some very old attachments that had hung hung for way to long. Lots of healing work! My husband and I have both notived he does not experience the inner anger he had in the past. We will continue to sponsor and support marriage retreat. Thanks for your dedication.

Judy from Milam, TX

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to have gone through this camp! I really am completely free! What a great experience! YOU MUST DO IT! Todd, Thank you so much so everything, I really appreciate you more than you will ever know! David, Thanks so much! If you want healing, ATTEND! CW

Chuck, Memphis, TN

The Marriage seminar has to be the most exciting experience in my lifetime. I know I had issues, and thought I had delt with them and in fact had in my head, but never was able to apply them to real life. I just couldn't understand what was wrong or why. I am now FREE and know that I will be able to get my life back on track before it is too late. If you aren't sure that you need this then just try it out. The answer will come sooner than you think.

Byron from Atlanta, GA

The Life Enrichment and Marriage Bootcamps have completely shifted my perspective, have helped me rediscover my self-confidence, shown me how to embrace the power of forgiveness, and have taught me how to love and respect myself and others unconditionally.

Andrea from Bakersfield, CA

This Marriage Boot Camp showed me that if you keep things inside yourself you can't (won't) let yourself grow. I know I still have to grow, but this experience gave me the courage and the need to grow so that I can have a healthy and happy relationship with my spouse.

Christina from Dallas

Thank you so much for giving your time, energy and love at the Marriage Boot Camp. You really know what you're doing. I feel transformed and alive again. My husband & I have a new start to rebuild our marriage. The Marriage Retreat was out last hope to try to save our marriage and it really worked. We were headed straight for divorce. I have no doubt that we would be divorced if it wasn't for the marriage seminar. We couldn't even talk to each other anymore due to our anger & resentment. Now, we are connected again and have hope for the happy family that we both want. Thanks again for giving the gift of happiness, peace and a family staying together! I can't express to you how grateful I am.

Cindy from Ogden, UT

This has been a wonderful time in my life. I was able to get the hurt out of my life. God is truly great and so loving. He had this marriage help planned for my wife and I.

Johnny from Dallas

This Marriage Boot Camp seminar experience helped me raise my self esteem and removed many self doubts and worries I had carried.

Brian from Vancouver

In a word: RELEASE. I am going through an ugly, painful divorce that had made me bitter, angry and fearful of the future. The Marriage Boot Camp has released me from the pain & I?m free to move forward with love & hope.

James from Dallas