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    This seminar is hands-on, interactive and
    fast-paced. We give you the tools you need
    to overcome the toughest relationship issues.
Instant Marriage Help

Marriage Seminars & Retreats

This is a personal growth marriage retreat that will help you improve self-esteem, intimacy, worth, confidence, love and value in your relationship. This intense marriage seminar is better than the best marriage workshops, conferences or couples seminars for fast growth and intense marriage help.


Marriage Boot Camp

An intense, interactive four day, marriage and self growth seminar. We use a combination of games, drills, competitions and experiential exercises to raise your awareness and deepen your relationship on every level.  One marriage coach is assigned to each group of six people.


Life Enrichment Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp helps you deal with past baggage, damage, relationships and issues using over 60 interactive games and drills.  Life Enrichment Boot Camp is a life changing experience that will transform you into the person that you want to be.   It will be one of the hardest seminar you’ve every attended, but the results will amaze you.



This three day seminar is focused on getting healthy personally so you can be a healthier couple together. We will improve your boundaries, communication, connection, and intimacy through a series of interactive games and drills.



A three-day marriage retreat that is focused on rejuvenating your relationship. Set among the most beautiful backdrops in the world, we will improve your communication, connection, and intimacy through a series of interactive games and drills.

Dallas/Plano, TX
Dallas/Plano, TX
Dallas/Allen, TX
Dallas/Allen, TX

Marriage Seminars

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Marriage Boot Camp is just what the doctor ordered to prevent marriage problems or to save your marriage if it is out of control.  The best marriage counselors strongly recommend the Marriage Boot Camp as these 4 days of intense experiential exercises are worth years of therapy.

Our action-packed Marriage Seminar not only mends existing relationships but can also help couples avoid creating bad habits by giving you the most effective tools right from the start.  This is not a laid back marriage conference or an easy marriage workshop.  Marriage Boot Camp is hard work that produces results.  We guarantee that you will grow as both husband and wife.