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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I watched your show the other night and loved it. I came here to get more information. My daughter and her husband really need something like this. They will be watching this week.

Teresa from Gainesville from TX

The marriage seminar helped me release old hurts and taught me how to forgive those who hurt me. It helped me open up my heart again towards others.

John from Dallas

The Boot Camp completely opened my eyes.

Danielle from Atlanta

Pain I had carried for years was reduced. I forgave many people in my life. The Marriage seminar Boot Camp gave me purpose again.

Faye from Los Angeles

The marriage seminar boot camp opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself. I haven't been attending any social activities due to old fears. Now I am excited about making new friends and being more involved.

Renee from Los Angeles

The Marriage seminar helped me to open up and get rid of my hurt. It also helped me to see that I am important and worth loving.

Linda from Dallas

It gave me back myself. I am a new woman who wants to love myself and my husband. Our marriage was good and now it can be what we dreamed for it to be.

Angie from Dallas

My marriage was totally over. Ten months after losing our only child, my husband of 8 years began cheating. When I learned of this, I tried to reconcile, but he left me anyway. After seventeen months of waiting on him to reconsider, & 2 months after I filed for divorce, as a last ditch effort, we decided to give Boot camp a try. When we got back, I let my divorce attorney go, & we are planning to renew our wedding vows! We recommend all couples attend Marriage Boot Camp. We know if we had earlier, we could've prevented most of the obstacles we've been through. The staff is a group of angels, God bless them!

Tiffany, Fort Worth, TX

I learned to forgive and was able to receive God's forgiveness.

Diann from Dallas

The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp taught me that I can make my own decisions for my life. Nobody has control of my life, but me and my God.

Kelley from Atlanta, GA