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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I came to marriage bootcamp praying for one thing... to save my marriage. Little did I know how much personal growth I would acheive through the bootcamp. Not only did it save my marriage but it allowed me to forgive and start with a clean slate. It allowed me to find myself again which has helped me become a better wife, mother and friend. I prayed for a miracle and I definately recieved one. The friendships we have made at marriage bootcamp are incredible. The directors, trainers, and volunteers were so amazing! I am so thankful that we both walked away with a new found strength and hope and we daily use the tools we were given. Thank you so much for being my miracle! You are fulfilling your God given purpose!!

Megan from Waxahachie,TX

I learned to love myself and to be confident in myself. I can focus on me and make sure I don't let what other people say affect me or destroy my confidence. I will finally open myself up to other friendships and my marriage.

Devin from Vancouver

The Marriage Boot Camp gave me the confidence to know I could love myself everyday. It washed away the fear and hurt from an old freed me to shine!

Cathy from Winnipeg

My husband and I attended the Marriage boot camp in January of 2013 after being given a referral from a friend. This friend told me how much of an amazing difference this program had made not only in her marriage but in her life. The week before the program I just wanted to pack and leave our marriage. The pain that I experienced on a daily bases was too much to handle. I am now aware that I just wanted everything over; my marriage, my life, and the daily pain. On the first day I started crying on the drive to the program and continued to cry the entire first day, and was shocked to see that I was not alone. Everyone there was in similar daily pain just like me. The first day brought the realization that this was going to take 100% of my entire physical, mental, and emotional strength to get through to Saturday. The first day also brought the realization that everyone in that room was committed to helping us heal , and that gave all of us the strength to push forward. Over the course of the next three days and through numerous drills I became aware of the real problem in my life and our marriage. I went through a complete transformation that started with;
The Marriage Boot Camp was the best thing I ever did for myself. I released 22 years of anger and hate. I learned to forgive for ME. I was able to renew my relationship with God and get on the right path to fulfill my purpose. I highly recommend Marriage Seminar for everyone. Anyone who has doubts - you will NOT be disappointed! In one word - AWESOME!!!

Carla from Atlanta, GA

This marriage boot camp helped me release some bad memories of my past. I forgave people in my past and I have opened up the future for more love in my life. It has help me realize that God has not, and will never, stop chasing after my heart.

Russell from Los Angeles

Attending the Marriage Boot Camp has been a life changing experience for me. I almost did not return after the second evening! I did not think I was able to get through the pain and hurt. David saw my reluctance and reassured me. The care and love that everyone showed got me to where I needed to be. This has really changed my life! Anyone who has any hurt, anger or resentment built up, should attend.

Janet from Winnipeg

The Boot Camp opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself. I have been with Equally Yoked singles organization since February and never attended any activities due to my old fears, but now I am excited about finding friends.

Renee from Harrisburg, PA

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp saved my marriage! It brought my wife and I back to square one so that we could grow old together. - Kami Glover - When my husband and I came in, we thought our relationship was over. I?m please to say that my husband and I have learned valuable tools to bring us back together. We have also learned how to like each other again. This was the best experience we have ever had. We learned that we could love God and ourselves again.

Jeff & Kami from McKinney, Texas

The marriage conference opened my heart and mind to realization of self-hurt and pain is easily transitioned to positive results in lives and relationships in this learning experience.

Jon from Waxahachie