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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

Wow! This is the greatest gift I gave to myself and my marriage! My husband and I will be eternally grateful for the ministry and dedication given to us to reconcile our marriage.

Rita from Dallas

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp taught me how to forgive. The seminar gave me strength to go after my dreams and stop procrastinating.

Cris from Houston, TX

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp has shown me, I am worthy of God's love and I can live a peaceful life. I am now able to receive God's love and give that same love to my fellow man.

James from Houston, TX

My husband and I are thrilled with the outcome of the Marriage Retreat Bootcamp. We have been able to take what we learned and apply it to our lives. It's only been two weeks and there is a dramatic change in our lives already. Four months ago, I was ready to take my children and leave my husband but the Lord sent us to the Marriage Bootcamp to learn how to love and respect each other. Jim and David were awesome!

Lonnie _ Pearland, TX

The marriage work shop helped me let go of all my baggage and love myself again. This let me break down my walls and see that God was standing there waiting to love me the whole time.

Cindy from Houston

The Boot Camp broke down a wall of ?toughness? and pride that had hindered my ability to submit to those in any kind of authority. Also, I learned more about what my husband truly needs from me & how to actually change in order to give it.

Tina from Dallas

The Boot Camp completely opened my eyes.

Danielle from Atlanta

The Marriage Boot Camp was the greatest gift I have ever given myself! I was set free of unforgiveness within myself and I have my joy back that was stolen from me as a child! I am so excited about life and I can now move forward to be all that God has called me to be as a woman of God! I would recommend this to everyone!

Judy from Houston, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp seminar opened my eyes and heart to unconditional love and forgiveness. It's a beautiful thing!

Lily from Los Angeles

God supplied new puzzle pieces for my mission through the marriage seminar. I discovered parts of my life that felt like prisons were really cocoons of growth. I realize I had dealt with forgiveness, but not the grief. This weekend cleared it all!!

Beverly from Winnipeg