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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

The marriage workshop helped me realize I had a relationship that had not healed, my marriage. Boot camp gave me the ability to realize that and gave me the tools to heal my marriage.

Mark from Houston

The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp helped me to be a forgiving, free and worthy women who accepts, trust and has patience with my husband.

Carolina from Los Angeles

Marriage Boot Camp for me, was a last resort at salvaging my marriage. Looking back, it's sad that I was not able to communicate with my husband to tell him how bad it was. And for him, he saw for the first time about it was. I never realized how anger played such a significant role in my relationship. I never knew what the power of forgiveness would bring me. Two months after marriage Boot Camp, we still work on our marriage everyday. The biggest difference now is I genuinely care about how my spouse feels. I genuinely want to make sure he knows that he is loved and respected the way he deserves to be loved and respected. Every day I remind myself that I am a Vulnerable, Confident and Trusting Woman who is Honest, Deserving and Strong. And I am now able to do it with a pure heart with pure love and with pure respect. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect. But thanks to the marriage Boot Camp counselors and trainers I now have the tools and the support to make sure that I never have to feel to go through what I did alone. I cry when I think about where I could've been without it.

Stephanie Gilbert,AZ

The Marriage Retreat allowed me to forgive and rid myself of the bitterness, anger and resentment that I had harbored for the last 12 years.

Sherry from Houston

I was an angry, damaged and hurt single mother of two with a long list of negative circumstances hanging over my head, on my back and dragging behind me. I found myself deep down... with lots of work to be a forgiving, worthy and loving woman of God. I felt 100 pounds was released. The team of trainers, my group members and our speakers are those I'll never forget. I truely can NOT express how this Life Enrichment Boot Camp changed my life. I have a new outlook and actually have a new hop to my step! ( thanks to releasing all that baggage) ! Thank you Boot Camp Crew for touching my life and my heart! Missy Dallas, Tx


Words cannot describe the affect that the Marriage Seminar Boot Camp will have on you...It's an experience. No one lectures you. No one tells you what you do wrong. Instead you are led through drills and games that teach. You come out with a renewed spirit and life takes on new meaning. Many times I hear people say at the end of Marriage Retreat that they do not want to leave, they do not want seminar to end. They have made new friends and they have learned to love themselves and forgive others. This feeling CAN last forever. Come back each month and be a trainer. The experience is uplifting and exhilerating. There is no "high" like the one you feel on Saturday night. I am renewed each time I train and I look forward to Boot Camp each month. This is something I feel called by God to do and I have a closer relationship with Him because of my affiliation with the Marriage Boot Camp. I attended Marriage Boot Camp to find a way to develop a better relationship with my spouse, instead I found a renewed relationship with our Holy Father and Saviour. I am happier now than I have ever been in my life and I have learned to forgive and leave the hurt behind. -Trainer, Life Enrichment Boot Camp

Kathyfrom Dallas, TX

My marriage hit bottom. We were in therapy. I couldn't open my heart. I was searching, I needed something.......... The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp gave me my answer.

Bridget from Vancouver

Thank you, SO MUCH, Jim and Elizabeth! In watching the "The Aftermath" episode.... I saw Julian dyad. There was SO MUCH Drama this season, I only caught tidbits of proof that there was an underlying foundation given to my husband and I at our BootCamp. I am so happy to have been able to witness the changes in Jeff, Tasha, Sophia, & Shaun. My husband and I could physically see the pain and weight and freedom lifted from these four around the "forgiveness" episode... Often we'' laugh or get worried and say "OMG! David didn't let us get away with that crap!!!" I'm so glad we can say we're BootCamp survivors and can truly see the hard work working (not just what is necessary to assure the same "message" TV demands... Trust me.. If it wasn't for season 1.. I never would have found and attended bootcamp in Burbank when We needed you most).. god works miracles... Though I see peace in Gloria.. That woman needs to let others baggage be there's!!! XOXOXO Stephanie R. Burbank, CA. Graduate - August 2013

Stephanie Randall from Burbank, CA

i never thought I would write to you and say thank you for the experience i had last week. I will say that out of all the hard things i had to go through in my life, this was beyond the hardest. I never thought i could get through something like that but i did and i am greatful for it. The trainers were a pain the the rear but were amazing. The people there changed my life and the exercises made me see hings in a different light. i am blessed for being there. THANK YOU

Victoria San Jose, CA

This class gave me another chance at life. I never knew the issues I had before this seminar and I think if everyone takes this class we could have a better world to live in. I truly love this and I was truly blessed.

Jan, Dallas, TX