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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

The marriage seminar helped me release old hurts and taught me how to forgive those who hurt me. It helped me open up my heart again towards others.

John from Dallas

The Marriage Boot Camp confirmed my beliefs and gave me more confidence and hope.

Carolyn from Dallas, TX

Me and my wife attended the boot camp in Frisco in the hope I could save my marriage after my wife's affair. What I got from the camp is self healing I didn't know I even needed. I have been carrying around a ton of baggage that has not only hurt my marriage but has been holding me back from being happy in my life. I went in with low self esteem, no confidence, no self worth and the feeling that I was broken and not worth the time of day. I left the boot camp feeling revived and full of energy and confidence to face the world. I'm not sure where my marriage is going but now I have the strength to make the call if I decide to end the marriage. I don't want to lose the love of my life but I am afraid to much damage has been done to me over the last 31 years to save our marriage. But! I am now ready to face whatever comes and know I will succeed because I am a Happy Confident man with a High Self esteem. Thanks to every single person who was at the boot camp. Even if we never shared feelings or time I felt support from everyone in the camp because we were all there to fix something in our life. I will miss every one of you and yes that even means you Jim, even after you called me out Weds night. I love you all and wish everyone one of you a wonderful life.

John from Carthage, Texas

This bootcamp freed my husband and I from all of our anger and resentment toward eachother and others, some we didn't even know were affecting us. We are so much closer now and have been so very happy and cohesive since camp. I can't stop telling all of my friends and family about it. I want all of them to feel the way I feel right now! Plus, the friendships we made at camp are amazing, that was a bonus!

Diana, Fort Worth, Tx

During the marriage boot camp I came to realize that my anger ,resentment and all the hurts by being abandoned by the people I trusted most has kept me from fully trusting Christ. I have always kept a piece of my heart for myself. Protecting it from being hurt. That way no one could hurt me again like I was hurt by my mom. By doing this---I have come to realize that I have also kept a piece of my heart from Christ. But Sunday morning after marriage retreat when I went to church, I felt a completeness I have never felt before. There was such a peacefullness in my heart.

Becky from Denton, TX

This Life Enrichment Work Shop helped me learn how to get past the hurt that has kept me from accepting and loving myself for so many years.

Lisa Marie Dallas, TX

Sometimes i guess we just disconnect in life. That is what happened to my husband and I. It felt worse than what it was as i begin to realize in MBC that i loved my husband so much. It helped us to re-connect, learn some communication tools and realize what we had in our lives. It was hard work but so very worth it. Highly recommend it no matter what your situation might be.


A week ago our marriage was lifeless. We never even talked to each other. We were co-habitants in a house with a teenager. We attended the boot camp this past week and it is truly life-changing. Hard to believe in just four days that they can radically change the direction of our marriage, but it is true for us as well as about 50 other couples on the brink of divorce. My husband and I see each other in a totally different light now and it is thanks to the incredible directors and trainers at the Marriage Boot Camp. Thank you from the bottom of my now-unbroken heart.

Linda from Frisco, TX

I found confidence to go on and do what the Lord has called me to do during the marriage seminar. I'm going to trust in others more and I believe in myself.

Linda from Dallas, TX

Many of us try to face the issues in our life with an open mind and heart, the problem is that we were never given the proper "tools" to understand why we feel and react the way we do. We are good peple with good intentions, why then, do we have all these issues? Poor choices we've made, troubled pasts with parents, siblings and kids, the list is endless and the burden is great. Finally, I've got a grip on the issues in my past and I'm so blessed by the bootcamp. It's for everyone! If you have an open heart and mind it will be life changing ! It was for me...God Bless you all and I'm so thankful that I lived this experience.

Thomas Cocoa Fl