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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I went to marriage bootcamp one year ago this week. I can honestly say it was the hardest time of my life, and my marriage was not saved. BUT...I wouldn't have survived the fallout if I had not found my self in Plano, TX with the help of Jim and David. My husband was having an affair the entire time and is still with his mistress today. So, you see, there was no way for the camp to save my marriage - but it sure saved me. 🙂

Rebecca, Houston, Texas

The Marriage Boot Camp Seminar made me a better person! I was able to break down walls I had up for years.

Randy from Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to the boot camp by a friend in 2004. I was sleeping in his spare room and in bad shape. I was hurting after getting out of a relationship and spiraling down into serious drug and alcohol abuse. My life was miserable, painful and meaningless. I had no expectations from the boot camp and only went so my friend wouldn't throw me out of his home. The only thing I cared about was my next high. After stalling for two months I decided to get clean enough to attend. What happened at the boot camp was a miracle! I realized that my broken heart and drug abuse were the symptoms, not the causes of my problems. I was pushed to look deep inside. When I did, I realized how much my past spiritual damage was holding me back. I was raised in very strict religious home that was very legalistic. I thought I left that behind when I moved out at 17. In reality, I was still carrying all the guilt, shame and rejection around from my childhood. The boot camp helped me process and get rid of that. I was able to open up to God and receive his healing and love in all areas of my life. I would have never believed my life could be as good as it is now. My life has changed direction and the boot camp was the intersection where I made that right turn.

Jon, Dallas, TX

At the Life Enrichment Boot Camp I learned how to TRULY love myself and forgive myself. I now understand how all the "negative tapes" have affected my life. I was a passive person, and just let WHATEVER sway me. I know what it means to be FREE and I now have the tools neccesary to continue walking in that freedom. LEBC really changed my life for the better. My situation did not change when I graduated Seminar, but I DID and I can hold my head up high and have REAL peace in my heart. Even though life is EXTREMELY PAINFUL at times, the LEBC taught me how to deal with that pain and PRESS ON!!

Pamela from Vancouver

The Marriage Boot Camp freed me from pain and anger.

Bob from Los Angeles

Me and my wife attended a boot camp in California and it was make or break do or die we attended as a last resort and WOW this really works not only did they fix our marriage but fixed problems I didnt even know I had if your thinking about this stop it and just go it's LIFE-CHANGING

Bryan from Chandler AZ

The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp brought me back to the time in my life before the troubles and ills of the world were dumped on my shoulders. I learned to dump the baggage and learn to live without the hurt and pain.

Mike from Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I had a very rocky start and after eleven years we were finally starting to enjoy our marriage but something was missing from our relationship, unconditional love for each other. I had to forgive myself before I could receive his love for me. The marriage seminar drills allowed me the freedom to do just that and in doing it I opened up the door to allow him to love me. We are finally completing each other instead of competing with each other. He is no longer the enemy but my partner in our marriage and I am his helpmate not his enemy. We are using the tools that we learned in the seminar to listen and encourage each other instead of tearing the other one down.

Jenifer from Houston, TX

I'm going to start off by saying I hope your back is better. Boy Oh Boy I never in my wildest dreams thought I could feel like this.I want to thank you Jim,David, Monica and Glen. You guys are SO AWESOME. I feel like I weight 180lbs. again. I have clear and a strong sense of looking to the future. My wife and I are stronger than ever before. I can tell her love her again were doing GREAT. The kids are happy to. The MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP is the best thing that has ever happen to this family.

Scott from Spokane, WA

The marriage workshop was an enlightening experience. It gave me self-confidence and hope for a better future.

Shelley from Atlanta, GA