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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I attended the Enrichment class and gained so much value that I attempted to returned with wife to take Marriage boot camp, she has refused to attend so I have moved into becoming a trainer. She and I may not make it but I have so much purpose and drive for life, that now I believe that it will all be ok. My life is so full today that the return of love is already here, on the inside. I want to personally thank the leaders who changed my life and it will directly effect my kids forever. Love David (Burbank Area)


The Marriage Boot Camp gave me the tools and the opportunity to save my marriage. I feel the life lessons I learned here will enrich my relationships in all areas of my life for the rest of my life.

Bill from Sacramento, CA

The Marriage seminar showed me what true forgiveness is. I was able to release my guilt and baggage. I can now open myself to be vulnerable and trusting.

Brian from Houston

The Marriage Boot Camp has changed my life! This is such a cliche, I know, but it's true!! It's amazing what can change in just a few days. On Wednesday my husband and I were getting divorced and by Saturday we are planning our re-committment ceremony! We got rid of all the baggage weighing us down and underneath it all we found we really did have the love we needed after all! Thanks for giving us the skills we need to continue on the right path to success in our marriage!

Patty from Odessa TX

The Boot Camp did two things for me. It brought me back to God and it brought me closer to my fianc̩. We have been given the tools to have a successful marriage. I can honestly say I am ready for marriage.

Crystal from Mabank

I came to marriage bootcamp praying for one thing... to save my marriage. Little did I know how much personal growth I would acheive through the bootcamp. Not only did it save my marriage but it allowed me to forgive and start with a clean slate. It allowed me to find myself again which has helped me become a better wife, mother and friend. I prayed for a miracle and I definately recieved one. The friendships we have made at marriage bootcamp are incredible. The directors, trainers, and volunteers were so amazing! I am so thankful that we both walked away with a new found strength and hope and we daily use the tools we were given. Thank you so much for being my miracle! You are fulfilling your God given purpose!!

Megan from Waxahachie,TX

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp healed me from past hurts and renewed my faith in God so I can forgive, be forgiven and release the guilt.

Galyn Harrisburg, PA

Marriage Bootcamp helped me save my marriage. I left bootcamp being the confident, determined, free woman I've always wanted to be. Thank You!

Jessica from Plano, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp allowed me to finally forgive myself. I carried pain, guilt, and shame for 17 years! I now see that I AM lovable and I deserve to be loved. I now know my purpose in life. I am a lovable, free, gentle giant that will be a lighthouse to let God's light shine through and help others find victory in God's plan for their lives. The Boot Camp has brought my marriage back together. My wife and I have pure joy! I am a new husband and a new father. My family is whole!

Zach from Wylie, TX

The boot camp have change are lifes. Today we live happy free from guilt and shame. The boot camp showed us how to forgive, love, enjoy each other were so thankfull for the the couple we met.