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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

My wife and I attended the marriage boot camp as a last resort attempt to save our marriage. In fact, just two days before we were to fly to Atlanta, I had just had enough and felt, to go through with the seminar would just be a waste of money, so I cancelled everything! I was finished!! I thank God that my wife wouldn't give in....she informed me was going! With or with out me! Long story short, I scrambled to get us signed back up. We arrived home yesterday and I will swear to you; We are both changed people.....forever! I had absolutely no idea the pain and the baggage I had been carrying for 48 years and how it was impacting my relationships. Not just with my wife-my supposed "life Partner", but with my children, and ALL those I come in contact with! My wife was also burdened with issues from her past..... We learned together, the importance of being able to recognize those issues and the pain they were causing, like a cancer growing in our souls. Most importantly we learned the POWER of forgiveness, especially for ourselves, and the tools to "cast this baggage" from our lives! We are excited this day, to start our lives anew. Knowing that I truly have my best friend again, the tools we need to deal with life's issues, and that together we can conquer anything that comes our way!

Greg from Elko, NV

Before attending the boot camp my marriage and the future of my family was in serious jeopardy. I was extremely skeptical of the program but decided that if this could save my marriage I was willing to give it a try. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life! I gained so much! I also lost so much, like the anger I had carried for so long. After 7 years my wife and i feel like newlyweds and we are both confident we now have the tools to make the feelings last and to be able to be victorious in any situation!

Mike, Winfield, KS

The Marriage Retreat gave me more self acceptance. I learned to trust God, others and myself.

Patti from Los Angeles, CA

Having done marriage programs like the Marriage Boot Camp before, I came into it thinking I knew what to expect, maybe a blessing or a new positive outlook. Instead, I got a miracle. For the first time ever, I felt God kiss my face. It was physical and real. I feel a belonging and a peace like none other. I know in my heart that God brought me to the Marriage Retreat to find him again and I am so glad I did. I can't wait until my friends and family attend the Marriage Seminar. I want everyone to feel God's touch like I did.

Colleen from Atlanta, GA

Mark and I were done. We had not lived together in more than two years and I was really hoping that the Marriage Seminar Boot Camp would assist us in making the divorce a smooth transition. SURPRISE! What an incredible experience. I learned so much about myself, relationship with others, Mark and Jesus. I have been given the gift of growing in the truth of who I am and who I want to be. Mark is now and will be forever my best friend. In all the years we were together I never really felt that. We have been given tangible tools to use as we move forward together, and I have never felt so secure or right about anything.

Kirsten _ Watauga, TX

I'm going to start off by saying I hope your back is better. Boy Oh Boy I never in my wildest dreams thought I could feel like this.I want to thank you Jim,David, Monica and Glen. You guys are SO AWESOME. I feel like I weight 180lbs. again. I have clear and a strong sense of looking to the future. My wife and I are stronger than ever before. I can tell her love her again were doing GREAT. The kids are happy to. The MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP is the best thing that has ever happen to this family.

Scott from Spokane, WA

The Marriage Retreat BootCamp was an amazing experience. I learned what really matters in life and I want to thank he Directors and Trainers for making all that possible.

Christian from Ottawa

The marriage seminar helped me release old hurts and to forgive those who hurt me. It helped me open up my heart towards others.

John from Winnipeg

This marriage conference helped me release some bad memories of my past. I forgave people in my past, and I have opened up my future for more love to be in my life. It helped me realized that God has not, and will never, stop chasing after my heart. I realized that God has given me gifts to use, and I won't be happy until I reach my full potential.

Russell from Winnipeg

I?m glad that my fianc̩ and I went through the Life Enrichment Boot Camp before getting married as it helped up define who we are, each as a single person. With that definition, the strong love that we already felt for each other has grown into this unstoppable desire and passion for one another. A love that I never knew was possible. I learned that I cannot truly love someone else until I am able to love myself. The program helped me safely face my past and the pain left from it. With that, I was able to forgive and move on to a happier me. They gave me the tools that I needed to repair my life without doing it for me. I?ve got the courage to push forward and take control of my life. If I didn?t have the Boot Camp, I don?t believe that I would have ever felt the way that I do right now! Seriously, it?s like I?ve got the same freedom that I felt when I got the keys to my very first car. I?ve realized that I am a strong and powerful woman, who is in control of my life. Thank you Jeani and Cliff and to all of the trainers for helping me save myself!

Nancy, Houston, Texas