The Marriage Boot Camp is an intense, interactive four-day, thirty-six hour marriage program. We’ve combined various practices from multiple fields to create the Marriage Boot Camp. We use a combination of mental games, drills, competitions and experiential exercises to raise your awareness and deepen your relationship on every level. Our programs time and activities are structured in such a way that every moment is used productively to work on your relationship with yourself, your mate and others.

During the Marriage Boot Camp, you and your spouse will participate in over 150 various activities. Each game, drill and activity has its own purpose in growing your relationship with your spouse and yourself.

Our activities are held in various settings such as big group, small groups and dyads. By participating in a group setting, you not only learn from a particular game or drill, but you learn from other attendees in the room who may be struggling with similar issues you face today.

The activities promote couples to immediately open the line of communication between one another. All games and drills adhere to a strict timeline and are director facilitated. No note taking is necessary, THIS IS A BOOT CAMP, and every activity is hands on interactive, process oriented and precisely timed. We want you and your spouse to know how to use the Marriage Boot Camp tools upon graduation of the program.

The Marriage Boot Camp doesn’t take sides or give you advice. By actively participating in each activity and using a series of topics and questions, couples will quickly identify the root cause of their issues then work together and individually to break down the walls of damage. We cover many topics during the program such as communication, conflict resolution, rules for arguing, needs and wants, sexual intimacy and forgiveness to name a few.

The Marriage Boot Camp is a unique and powerful, life-changing experience where you will learn practical skills allowing you to build a strong, meaningful relationship you will value for a lifetime.

New Life – New Marriage

A couple is made up of two separate individuals and we all come with our own share of baggage! Most couples don’t know how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner thus creating new joint baggage in the relationship. Trying to carry and juggle all the individual and relationship baggage tends to weigh your relationship and life down. Carrying around the baggage of anger, bitterness, resentment, depression, fear, anxiety and more will negatively impact your life and relationship.

How would your life be different if you were able to dump all the years of baggage you are carrying? Attending the Marriage Boot Camp will give you a fresh start to a new you and a new life!

Personalized Coaching

Even though the Boot Camp is conducted in a group setting, on average, we generally offer one facilitator for every six attendees. This allows for personal attention and coaching to couples as needed, when they get stuck on a particular concept. To ensure we maintain an adequate ratio of facilitators to attendees, we limit the size of each Boot Camp. Group sizes will vary, participants attend on a first come first serve basis, depending on the date we receive the registration fee. Space is limited so sign up today.

Making a Difference

The directors, trainers and volunteers at the Marriage Boot Camp conferences are dedicated to making a difference. Most have experienced the agony of divorce. They understand both sides of divorce. It is their job to help you get through the pain and create new tools for a happy future.

No Pain – No Gain

During the Boot Camp, you will be required to give 100% and put in a lot of emotional hard work. The old adage, no pain, no gain is our working moto. In addition to hard work, you will also have a ton of fun. The Boot Camp has been described as being better than any vacation you could give yourself.

The results are amazing and the positive transformation of your relationship is inevitable. Our success rate is phenomenal because this isnt just marriage counseling or a boring workshop. The Marriage Boot Camp is an experience where you learn how to work through the various issues that impact your relationship today. At the Boot Camp we address both relationship and individual issues that are blocking your growth. The significant personal growth experience will help you get in touch with your highest self-esteem and exude more love, intimacy, worth, confidence and value in your daily life and relationships.

Real People, Real Life Changes

Because the Boot Camp is spiritual, not religious based, couples from all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds find that our program meets them where they are, transforming them at the source. Attendees lives and relationships are enriched in ways that one-on-one counseling never could. In our seminars, you will find an environment that makes it easy and comfortable to lean into life change whether you come from a background of strong faith belief or none at all.