Heal your relationship and change your life.

If your marriage is on the brink of divorce - don't give up. Make your marriage stronger, happier, and healthier before it's too late.

Marriage Boot Camp offers 4 day seminars with intensive training to improve your life and your relationship. You'll get the tools you need to work through current and future issues peacefully.

Each seminar is small with a limited capacity, so talk to one of our facilitators today to ensure your spot.

What to Expect at the Seminar?


The Marriage Boot Camp is an intensive 2 day seminar. This seminar is designed for couples at any stage. Resolve the hurt, the frustration, and the anger now - don't wait. Start healing yourself and your relationship today.

You'll deal with baggage, past damage, and issues through over 120 interactive games and drills that are as much fun as they are helpful. The drills cover marital topics such as conflict resolution, anger management, negative reactions, needs, wants, intimacy, communication, differences, and decision making.

We limit the amount of guests at every seminar to ensure you get one on one attention. No one leaves without receiving the counseling they need.

Learn what thousands have already discovered:

  • New Hope

    Have your perspective changed and your outlook shifted as you find freedom from past hurt. Remove anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, depression and self-doubt. You and your partner will grow as individuals and as a couple.

  • Great Fun

    Learn more about yourself with significant personal growth. Experience higher self-esteem, and exude more love, intimacy, worth, confidence and value in your daily life and in your marriage. Experience an environment that makes it easy and comfortable to lean into life change.

  • Real Life Changes

    Lives and marriages are enriched almost immediately with insight and tools gained from the seminar. Your new outlook changes the way you handle conflict in ways you never thought possible. Experience life through a positive, passionate, healthy mindset.

See What Other People Are Saying About Marriage Boot Camp

This was the best thing that has ever happened to me and my marriage. Not only have I learned how to give forgiveness but also felt that I have a solid purpose in life. This boot camp was a life changer!!

Joshua Richmond, IN

The Marriage Boot Camp was truly an AWESOME experience. I never in my life have learned so much, and felt so wonderful about myself. I never realized that I am an important woman. The Marriage Retreat completed me.......


The bootcamp was amazing for my wife and I. We have been communication has been better than ever. I'm so excited about our new start. I have a wonderful wife and feel more stable than ever with her. I am in this thing forever. I am so thankful for what the bootcamp did for me. We may be moving to the Galveston area soon. I will be signing up for a trainer and giving back what i recieved.


About Marriage Boot Camp

Our Marriage Counselors and Directors, (Jim, Elizabeth, David and Dana) have experienced the pain of divorce. Their painful divorces inspired the creation of The Marriage Boot Camp. Our leadership team of non-licensed marriage and relationship counselors have more than 60 years of combined experience in Seminar Leadership. Our educational backgrounds, previous careers and the long list of hard knocks and failures create a unique, fun and dynamic seminar experience. We've helped thousands all over the United States save their marriage. See how we can save yours.