This site is dedicated to give Trainers all available contacts, dates, rules, media and any other information that comes available to help you perform your tasks as a volunteer of the Boot Camp.

Contact Information

Trainers who wish to take a small group must be present by the time the “Attitude Adjustment” drill is started. Those who are not present but have confirmed will not be assigned a small group. If you have signed up to train and have taken a small group and are running late getting to the seminar it’s imperative that we know so that we can get someone to cover your small group in the event you don’t make it in time.

Please contact one of the following people by email, text, or lastly by phone. Email and text are better so that we have got it recorded somewhere. This is important because we have so many trainers. Also be sure to add your name as a part of the message, phone numbers and email addresses do not always giveaway the name of the trainer.