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Forget about lingerie, flowers, and chocolate. What??s the point? SEX is the point! And not just sex-sex but intimate sex! Sex that renews, refreshes, and refuels your relationship. The secret is the first five minutes. Follow this simple Marriage Boot Camp drill and after that, anything goes. So let??s not waste time, here are the five steps in five minutes.

Step 1 ?? Release

Make eye contact and make a commitment to release all bitterness and resentment for the moment. Your thoughts determine your feelings and you can choose your thoughts. Choose wisely. Say, “I choose to hold nothing against you right now” and mean it! Do not bring up any examples of bitterness; this will turn your thoughts in that direction.

Step 2 ?? Love Shower

Take your spouse??s hand, make eye contact and express to them all the things that you love about them. Recount the things you loved when your first met. Ladies should go first as men sometimes have a harder time articulating their feelings.

Step 3 ?? Face to Face

For one minute, stand face to face, rubbing cheek to cheek or nose to nose. Close your eyes. Just let your mind relax. Focus on this moment only! Forget about any of the stressors in your life. Guys understand this: women on average need 13 minutes of foreplay. No need to rush.

Step 4 ?? Body to Body

Hold your mate. Wrap your arms around your loved one. Lean into to them and just enjoy their embrace and warmth. Allow your body to relax for one minute.

Step 5 ?? Mouth to Mouth

Take one minute and just kiss your mate. Nice slow kisses. Set the mood for the rest of the time.

The foundation is now set. The truth is, most women need a bridge from their normal life to their sexual life, while most men can just jump the fence. But, even fence jumpers will find sex more deeply satisfying when they know that their woman is sexually connected to them.

Put these 5 steps in place and you can have intimate sex that reboots your relationship every time.