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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

The Boot Camp opportunity came along at a perfect time in my life; when the relationship I believed would last forever came unraveled in the most unbelieveable way. The experience far exceeded my expectations. I was able to forgive another for their part and myself for staying in for as long as I did. I am now - open, free, deserving, complete, and vulnerable to what ever God has in store for my life. Thank you to all the facilitators and directors. You are sent from above!

Linda, Georgetown

It just isn't possible for me to explain the difference the Marriage Retreat made in my life and subsequently my family's. But it must be pretty big because now my husband who was not even a little interested has decided he wants to go to camp as well after seeing the change I went through. There is no turning back;Praise God!

Crissy from Los Angeles, CA

I came bouncing in to the Camp at a 9. I realized how hard I would have to work to get any higher, but was ready and willing to dig and feel and cry and laugh and hug my way to a healthier happier me. I was able to identify a major issue that has been really affecting me that I was oblivious to, and did some major work, but I'm going back. The staff was very generous with their personal time and GENUINE gut level honest support. If instead, it was where to find a million dollars, I could be more enthusiastic about sharing this secret. Don't walk, run. Your future awaits!

Shannen Allen, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp was the best thing I ever did for myself. I released 22 years of anger and hate. I learned to forgive for ME. I was able to renew my relationship with God and get on the right path to fulfill my purpose. I highly recommend Marriage Seminar for everyone. Anyone who has doubts - you will NOT be disappointed! In one word - AWESOME!!!

Carla from Atlanta, GA

At the Life Enrichment Boot Camp I learned how to TRULY love myself and forgive myself. I now understand how all the "negative tapes" have affected my life. I was a passive person, and just let WHATEVER sway me. I know what it means to be FREE and I now have the tools neccesary to continue walking in that freedom. LEBC really changed my life for the better. My situation did not change when I graduated Seminar, but I DID and I can hold my head up high and have REAL peace in my heart. Even though life is EXTREMELY PAINFUL at times, the LEBC taught me how to deal with that pain and PRESS ON!!

Pamela from Vancouver

This Boot Camp was one of the best experiencies in my life. I learn the gift of forgivess and to be a better person, not only for me but for all the people around me. I met awesome people, and my life has taken a mayor turn in a positive direction.

Lorena from Dallas TX

My life will forever be changed from having gone through this incredible experience! I came away with a stronger sense of self and the desire to share my experience with other's. Life will no longer pass me by because I'm committed to living my life to the fullest!!!

Sarah from Vancouver

The Marriage Boot Camp allowed me to finally forgive myself. I carried pain, guilt, and shame for 17 years! I now see that I AM lovable and I deserve to be loved. I now know my purpose in life. I am a lovable, free, gentle giant that will be a lighthouse to let God's light shine through and help others find victory in God's plan for their lives. The Boot Camp has brought my marriage back together. My wife and I have pure joy! I am a new husband and a new father. My family is whole!

Zach from Wylie, TX

The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp brought healing to my life that then helped bring healing to my marriage. I didn?t even know I was still harboring strong childhood guilt that was sabotaging our relationship.

Drue from Dallas

The marriage seminar helped me forgive and know how to forgive the people I needed to forgive. The seminar and counseling helped me gain self esteem.

Desiree from Houston