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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I came into the bootcamp just 2 weeks after my husband blindsided me with wanting a divorce after over 12 years of marriage. I just knew that this bootcamp will show him that I was a perfect mate and all our problems came from his imperfections. Boy was I wrong! I learned that a deep dark secret that I hid from myself and refused to recognize actually contributed in a negative way to my marriage and made it toxic. While we focused on ourselves, we learned about each other and how messed up we both were when we got together. While we are continuing with the divorce, we are much closer and open with each other since we first met over 13 years ago. This is a must for every marriage whether you e about to get married, your marriage needs tweaking or your going through your divorce. I wish we had gone through this when we first got engaged it would've have allowed us to relate to each other in a healthy non destructive way. Thank you to David, Jim, Elizabeth, Dana and all the trainers!

Patti Jo, Colleyville, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp has changed my life! This is such a cliche, I know, but it's true!! It's amazing what can change in just a few days. On Wednesday my husband and I were getting divorced and by Saturday we are planning our re-committment ceremony! We got rid of all the baggage weighing us down and underneath it all we found we really did have the love we needed after all! Thanks for giving us the skills we need to continue on the right path to success in our marriage!

Patty from Odessa TX

This Boot Camp was one of the best experiencies in my life. I learn the gift of forgivess and to be a better person, not only for me but for all the people around me. I met awesome people, and my life has taken a mayor turn in a positive direction.

Lorena from Dallas TX

Attending the Life Enrichment Boot Camp, was a wonderful decision which changed my life. I could never have imagined what a few days in Atlanta would do for me. I found it difficult to imagine, as Todd said the first night, that a room of 40 strangers would become as close as we did. There was such a feeling of love and closeness by Saturday afternoon. My trainer, Joel Smith, was very understanding and perceptive of the needs and issues of each of the four attendees in his group. I walked away from that experience with a total sense of freedom and a direction for my future. Keep up the good work!!


The marriage seminar delivered me from bitterness about 9/11.

Barbara from Atlanta

This has been a wonderful time in my life. I was able to get the hurt out of my life. God is truly great and so loving. He had this marriage help planned for my wife and I.

Johnny from Dallas

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp lifted a burden I have carried for years. It set me free to seek God's plan for me.

Jim from Dallas, TX

This has been a wonderful time in my life. During the marriage seminar, I was able to get the hurt out of my life. God is truly great, and loving. He had this planned for my marriage. The team of counselors at this boot camp are truly God-sent.

Johnny from Houston, TX

At the Marriage Boot Camp I released past hurts and found forgiveness for myself.

Alison from Los Angeles

The Boot Camp broke down a wall of ?toughness? and pride that had hindered my ability to submit to those in any kind of authority. Also, I learned more about what my husband truly needs from me & how to actually change in order to give it.

Tina from Dallas