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Pros like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew repeatedly recommend our marriage seminar and marriage retreat. Celebs like Gene Simmons, Bridezillas and five seasons of Reality Stars have also followed suit, experiencing the benefits of our boot camp first hand.

I received two things from the Boot Camp. First, it definitely lightened my load. Second, it totally enlightened my marriage.

Charles from Los Angeles

My life will forever be changed from having gone through this incredible experience! I came away with a stronger sense of self and the desire to share my experience with other's. Life will no longer pass me by because I'm committed to living my life to the fullest!!!

Sarah from Vancouver

We are doing great. It was a great experience. We learned good tools marriage. I thank everybody we met and all the trainers. Cali was great and thank-you Angie. I will send any body I know.

tracy toledo wa

My life was in turmoil and I couldn't enjoy it at all. My husband wanted a divorce, I moved to Austin and felt so depressed and even considered killing myself. My life had so many struggles and I just had no hope left. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me I have 3 kids to live for and being 28 it just felt like life was such a burden. My first night at boot canp I was thinking this is my last attempt at being happy but they probably cant even help fix me. I can't even express how grateful I am that my friend told me about this boot camp! I gave 100 percent of myself and I gained more than 100 percent back. The tools you gain here are so usefull. I feel as though everyone could benefit from this! I went in as a untrusting, unforgiving and unconfident women! When I left my baggage at boot camp and learned forgiveness, I got my life and hope back. I believe in this program and I am happy to yell and live as a strong, confident, forgiving and beautiful women. I look forward to the future and there is nothing I can't handle. Thank you life enrichment boot camp team! God bless you 🙂

Sarah, Austin, Tx

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp opened my heart and eyes to forgive and to love myself so I can make choices to love back.

Bill from Atlanta, GA

After 10 months of marriage I separated from my husband in December 2008. I then, realized that I was miserable without him also so after 2 months apart we decided to give it another chance. This time was going to be different. We were going to do it right. We would treat each other right, trust and be trust worthy, leave the past in the past and start again. Then, while he was at work on the day we had planned for him to come back home I got a message that the woman he ?wasn?t? having an affair with was pregnant. I was devastated. I gave up, my life wasn?t worth living anymore, I couldn?t get out of bed, I shut all my friends and family out and the only thing keeping suicide from being an option was my children. I came to the realization that no matter how many times we decided to work it out or do it right we couldn?t do it. I was a failure. I sat down at my computer to start researching divorce recovery information because I knew I would need it as this was my second marriage I came across the Marriage Boot Camp website. I thought I would take the love test just to see what it said about me. I knew there was no way that I could afford the boot camp, that it was probably too far to travel and several months away so looking at that was not a consideration. After I took the test I was really impressed with the answers so I thought I would just search around the site to see if there was anything else I might find useful and I just happen to accidentally click on the boot camp information and it said the next seminar was in 5 days and was only 20 minutes away. I didn?t get excited because I knew I couldn?t afford it as I just lost my job then I saw the little note on the side about the sponsors, but sent an email for information just in case. I couldn?t stop thinking about it? what if there was a way to really save my marriage? I had to know so I called full of skepticism and in the middle of a full on anxiety attack and the voice on the other end of the phone was so warm and everything he said was positive. They would help us. As soon as I hung up I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. This was the answer to all my prayers. I immediately called my husband who wasn?t speaking to me at the time and told him God had put the answer right in front of me. I?m sure he thought I had lost my mind. Maybe I had? but it was my only hope. I have had so many things in my life that have caused me pain. from the moment I was born and abandoned, then adopted in to a family where physical, emotional and sexual abuse were the experiences of my childhood. I had a failed marriage which I carried so much guilt for breaking up my kids from their father. A now my last shot of love and happiness was slipping out of my hands. I believe in karma and I was so resentful at God because I?ve spent my whole life trying to treat people right, help others, etc. Unselfish acts of kindness were my purpose so what was wrong with me or what had I done to deserve all the abuse, hurt and pain that I had suffered. Obviously I wasn?t the problem, but if I could get my husband there I had hope that he would realize what he was doing to me and take responsibility for his actions and then I would finally be relieved of the suffering he had caused me. We learned so much and the first and most important was that I was broken too. One miracle for us was that we actually listened to each other. This was a FIRST for us!!! On the way home I found myself making amends to him for not making him feel important in my life and for speaking negatively about him to my friends and family. It never crossed my mind how those actions made him feel, even though, he had told me at least 50 times before. This was a HUGE step for us. I can say that I feel much calmer as a result of this changed attitude. Before the boot camp, I was irritated and agitated with our situation ALL THE TIME!! Now, I can finally relax because we have been given the tools we need to let go of our baggage, forgive, trust and as a result of that my relationship with God has become much stronger. I realize, though, that we have a lot of work ahead of us before things are totally healed and changes are permanent. The BEST part was that you provided follow-up steps, an accountability partner, and help if we need it. I was concerned about whether we would be able to stay on the right path.. If we fail, it is only because we fail to follow through on the things we promised to do. To say this has been a life changing event is an understatement. Thank you so much for blessing our life.

Tina, Princeton, Texas

The marriage conference helped me release all the things I've been fighting & resisting to change - anger, unforgiveness, fear. I learned to replaced anger and unforgiveness with forgiveness, fear with confidence, courage and worthiness. I'm no longer just in survival mode, I am ready to live the rest of my life.

Karen from Lake Charles, LA

AWESOME experience!! This Marriage Seminar Boot Camp changed my attitude toward work and relationships. There is so much joy in my life as a result! Most importantly, the experience helped me turn my fears and hurts over to God. I finally trust my Father with my whole heart, and look forward to what He has planned for my life!

Liz from Dallas, TX

The marriage seminar taught me about forgiveness, love and trust. I was touched deeper than I thought was possible.

Vicki from Plano

Marriage Bootcamp helped me save my marriage. I left bootcamp being the confident, determined, free woman I've always wanted to be. Thank You!

Jessica from Plano, TX