Do you want the best marriage advice?  Don't seek more head knowledge, seek deep transformation and the tools to sustain it.

Dr. Phil's advice - Come to the Marriage Boot Camp.

Why do 50% of marriages end in divorce?  Marriage is hard, conflict is inevitable and traditional marriage counseling is limited in it's effectiveness. Seminars only go so far because not many sit through hours listening to speakers and absorb the teaching. Self-help books only work if both people are devoted students and know how to apply what they read.   

These programs just DON'T save marriages.  In fact, they tend to make things worse.  You learn what your marriage should look like, but you don't get the tools to change the deeper problems.  

The Marriage Boot Camp is active, hands-on, using games, drills and exercises to get the new skill deeply embedded into new behaviors. We call it "drill and kill." We give you the tools you need to have a deeply connected relationship, then use active application so that you never forget the new skill. When you grow, your mate will grow too. 

We show you how to put the past in the past.  We all have baggage that keeps us from being the best version of ourselves.  When you and your spouse overcome the damage of your past, you can bring the flow back to your marriage.    

Imagine finding your heart in just four days. The Marriage Boot Camp is the equilvalent of two years of traditional marriage counseling and 80% more effective. Don't waste time.  Come do the hard work now and enjoy a new beginning!