Are you looking for the Best Marriage Conference 2019?  The Marriage Boot Camp is just what you need. 

Dr. Phil Recommends our Marriage Conference

Why do 50% of Christian marriages end up in divorce?  Because traditional Christian marriage counseling, lecture-style seminars and self-help books simply don’t have what it takes to give you a 360˚ degree experience of healing and growth like the Marriage Boot Camp.

The Marriage Boot Camp  is the equivalent of two years of traditional couples therapy rolled into four intense days of learning, playing games, applying new lessons, repeating important tools and having a ton of fun!

You won’t be sitting through lectures and you will not be bored. By actively participating in discussions and exercises, couples quickly identify the root cause of their issues, then work together and individually to repair the damage. When damage is repaired the walls come down! 

Boot Camp activities immediately promote open lines of communication. Every activity is hands-on, interactive, and precisely timed. We apply “drill and kill” techniques so that you will leave the Boot Camp with the experience and the tools you need to live healthy relationship habits for the rest of your life. 

We cover everything from how to communicate effectively, to resolve conflict, to put the past in the past and we bring you the latest and greatest research on how to improve your sex life.

Most importantly, you will discover WHO YOU ARE and have a ton of fun in the process. You will not only learn from a particular game or drill, but you will also learn from others who may be struggling with the same issues that you face today. You will discover that you are not alone! And, you’re sure to make friends for a lifetime!