Does this sound like your marriage?

Are you tired of her always criticizing, or nagging you relentlessly? Is his honesty and time “out with the guys” an issue? Does she spend money without regard to the family budget? Have you contemplated how your life would be without your mate? Have you considered how much it would cost to hire an attorney? How will you break the news to the kids? SAY NO TO DIVORCE! We at Marriage Boot Camp have a much better solution!

80% of Marriage Boot Camp marriages are saved!

Our results are incredible! 80% of those headed for divorce graduate from the Boot Camp in love again. THIS is an invitation to a marriage seminar that is a proven solution to your marital woes. Times of stress and conflict make divorce seem like the best solution, but consider the average $150,000 price tag that comes with attorneys fees, court costs, and mediating and when children are caught in the middle you are going to spend thousands on the custody battle, child support, etc. not to mention that you will still have to co-parent with your ex-spouse.  Now, check out the statistics of a future successful marriage; 41% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and a whopping 73% of third marriages end in divorce.

Fall in love again!

You and your spouse CAN grow back together, rediscover falling in love and learn to nurture compassion that builds into an everlasting love again. The Marriage Boot Camp is an intense, interactive, and entertaining four-day marriage seminar. We’ve combined practices from every therapeutic modality to create the Marriage BootCamp and in 4 days will give you an experience equivalent to 2 years of traditional therapy. A combination of mental games, drills, and experiential exercises will expand your awareness and deepen your relationships on every level. Time and activities are structured so that every moment is maximized to work on strengthening your self-worth, your marriage and relationships with others. Break the cycles that keep you standing still and change your life!

Don’t give up!

Give your marriage one last shot with Marriage Boot Camp!
Remember – There’s no better marriage to fix than the one you are currently in!

People are so busy and overcommitted that they drown in the routine of life. They often get depressed, become extremely nervous, anxious or irritable and quarrel with their loved ones. This is the problem – people they care about the most can suffer even more than them. Couples are the ones that are affected by the running of time, the race for money, success and achievements. Married couples experience this even more frequently. Our children often suffer as a result of us being caught up in “life”.

A solution to all these problems is Marriage Boot Camp – a perfect prophylactic for lovers. Using Marriage Boot Camp, people can find their way back to each other, develop healthy communication, they can do interesting things together, such as unique mental games, communicative activities and individual focused learning. By participating in these activities, married couples heal their relationships, grow their trust toward each other and discover new things about one another at these retreats for their marriage.

Marriage Boot Camp and Couples Retreat is what we are talking about – these programs help individuals see the partnership between them, find the ropes that once united them and bring the ends closer. Marriage Seminars are various, catchy, funny and just amazing, because the facilitators who work these programs are just like you! The founder of Marriage Boot Camp, Jim Carroll, has been changing destinies for more than 20 years. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll have had their fair share of struggles throughout the years and has committed their life to helping others find that peace and unity in their life and relationships.

Moreover, this is a proven method, and has its benefits. A lot of people say that these seminars helped them fall in love again. Sometimes you just need to refresh your relationships and learn new ways to communicate. You need some time away from the world- which inhibits true understanding; time away from reality, time alone, time to heal the wounds from past damage and relationships, just time devoted specifically to you and your relationship!

An update to your life with your partner is always the right appeal. Could you imagine forgetting your work duties along with the stress of everyday decisions like what’s for dinner, what to wear, what bill do I pay this week, or even crying kids? By going to a marriage seminar and just focusing on yourself and your relationship with your significant other gives you time to set the realities of the everyday world aside and devote several days to working on bringing back the love that you once had or the feeling of that first kiss. At these marriage seminars you’ll do conversations, talk about things you never had time to discuss, open your mind and see your partner’s mind, free and clear, opened to you. After experiencing the best Marriage Retreat you will find you both do random things that will amuse you. You will see the loving smile of one another, and you will feel happy like a child again. You will feel free to love and trust like you once did when you first met.

You will save your marriage! Don’t rush in the race of life. Take a deep breath and think for a moment, recognize that you need a break. Just you and your other half, like you once were when you first met and everything was so overrated and full of intensity. Remember that feeling? You miss it right? Then go! Go! Take your partner’s hand and go to a marriage seminar. Re-strike the spark that once grew into a blazing flame and set your love life on fire once again!

Marriage Boot Camp will help you renew your relationship. It will give you and your partner the healthy boost you have been looking for all these years!

Often, couples find that marriage is not always that ideal relationship with the fairy tale happily ever after theme you’ve always dreamed it would be. Years or even just months after the “I Do” takes place, you begin to feel boredom is overtaking your life and relationship? Do you feel like communication is only a thing of the past or conversation is foreplay for arguments and fights? Does your marriage seem like constant monotony where being together every day just seems “normal”? Do you long for spontaneity or excitement to happen between you and your mate?

You don’t need to panic! When thoughts like this start to fill your mind, as every couple experiences this feeling at some point in their relationship, it may be time to seek help. Despite marriage counseling being the most common choice, you should know, there is better options available to help kick start your relationship and put you on the fast track to a happier marriage; options such as marriage seminars for example.

A marriage seminar will help you see that the issues you face in your relationship today are not at all uncommon. By experiencing a Marriage Boot Camp you and your spouse will work among many other couples who face the very same struggles and issues you face today. By working through your issues, while listening to other couples discuss what they are dealing with in their relationship; you get an insight of the things that can be changed, to make your marriage work. You will quickly realize your marriage is not as doomed as you once thought it may have been.

If the thought of investing so much time to attend one of these interesting and helpful marriage seminars wouldn’t work for your schedule, perhaps consider looking at a marriage retreat. Although both types of programs offer help with your marital and relationship struggles, a marriage seminar is generally more intense and time demanding.

You are probably asking yourself what are these marriage retreats and marriage seminars that we are talking about and what the difference is in the two. Well, marriage seminars and marriage retreats are the perfect place where you and your loved one can go together to rediscover your love and bring back passion and attraction into your life and relationship. A portion of the marriage seminar program will not only address issues you and your mate share but will also address each of your individual issues such as anger, bitterness or resentment; baggage you bring with you into the relationship is how we describe it. A marriage retreat will focus primarily on the marriage itself. Generally marriage retreats are offered in a vacation type atmosphere to promote relaxation and quality time with your partner, in addition to the experiential games and drills that focus on strengthening your relationship.

Transforming from the boredom that probably made its way into your daily life, or the lack of ability to express your true feelings with your mate in fear of animosity; you will soon realize that your relationship will no longer be threatened by the possibility of falling out of love with one another. You will both expand your ability to communicate with one another in a way you thought was only possible for professional psychologists. You can accomplish all this in just a few short days, not by going to marriage counseling but by attending a marriage retreat or marriage seminar to reinforce the feeling of love and attraction between you and your partner.

So how can this be achieved? The answer is simpler than you believe – spending more time together, and recreate moments of joy and fun that you spend together, as if you were young lovers at the beginning of their love relationship. To do this, we suggest attending the right marriage boot camp, marriage seminar or marriage retreat for your situation. These various programs are where you will find the opportunity to make your marriage a lively one, filled with romance, good communication, and excitement.

Marriage retreats offer you the opportunity to spend a good time together with your loved one, engaging in fun and experiential games in which you both need to get completely involved. Spending your time together in a marriage retreat offers you the perfect timing and wonderful setting to reinvent your marriage, to spend more time communicating with each other.
Imagine how it would be to spend an entire day with your partner, playing various games, which will bring you, closer to each other. After spending your day in various activities for couples, you could simply go for a walk along the beach or get some rest, maybe reflect on how your relationship has grown from the days activates. Consider attending a marriage retreat if your marriage could use a tune up.

If you see your relationship needing a more intense intervention or a mediation approach for help, maybe consider attending the Marriage Boot Camp. You and your spouse will commit to approximately 35 hours over a 4 day period to working together on various games, drills and experiential activities designed to help you both open the line of communication while encouraging you to challenge your current perspective. This will help you both understand how your feeling, perceptions and belief all play an important role in communicating with one another.

Can your relationship benefit from attending a marriage seminar or a Marriage Retreat? If so, then you are definitely ready to take your marriage to the next level and be happier with it, by signing up to attend the Marriage Boot Camp or the Couples Retreat.

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