Are you tired of her always criticizing or nagging you relentlessly? Does he lie every time his speaks a word or constantly ignore your thoughts and requests? Does she spend money without regard to the family budget? Does he spend a lot of time “out with the guys”?

Does the thought or idea of divorce cross your mind? Have you contemplated how your life would be without your mate? How much it would cost to file or how you would break the news to the kids?

If this sounds like your relationship, then forget about the lawyer and his bunch of papers. We at Marriage Boot Camp have a much better solution. And before you skip this, no ,this is not just another pathetic commercial! THIS is an invitation to a marriage seminar, a call for your heart, a permanent solution to your marital woes.

You have given a significant part of your life to your spouse and ,since you are reading this, you may be struggling with which fork in the road to take. Lets think about this for a moment. Left is towards the lawyer, the path straight to divorce. Right is towards Marriage Boot Camp, a road that offers some hope, unfamiliar territory if you will.

The left fork in the road, or divorce, may feel like the best solution at the moment but lets look past the filing of the papers, beyond the average $15,000. price tag that comes with filing, attorneys fees, court costs, fighting, mediating and the ultimate hard feelings. Thats not even including the financial or emotional burden of divorce if you have kids. When children are tied up in the middle of your divorce equation you are going to spend additional thousands on custody battle, child support, etc. Not to mention even after spending all that money, time and heartache, you will still have to co-parent with your ex-spouse even after the kids turn 18. Also, check out your statistics of a future successful marriage; 41% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and a whopping 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Would you want the left fork lawyer to be your only option?

Now lets check out the right fork, or The Marriage Boot Camp. This is a road that can lead you to a peace of mind, doing something for yourself and for your mate at a fraction of the cost and time when compared to the left fork. It will open the doors of communication and you will gain a clear understanding of what is actually going on in your life and relationships. So you see, the right fork will help you in many ways, beyond your marital woes. Perhaps, like thousands of other couples who have taken the right fork, you and your spouse will grow back together, re-learn why you once fell in love and how to nurture that feeling and compassion to grow into everlasting love again. The right fork is hard work. You will need to commit to giving 100%, but I promise, it will be worth every ounce of effort and dollar.

Let me tell you a little about this Marriage Seminar. Marriage Boot Camp will take you on a journey where you will learn about yourself, your past, present and have a greater insight to how your future can be. During these marriage seminars you will experience emotional games, drills and activities that will open your mind to new ways to communicate, clear your heart of past damage and hurts and teach you the core meaning of forgiveness so that you can move forward with an open heart, willing to give and receive love unconditionally. Now you are probably saying, I know how to forgive, I am perfectly capable of giving and receiving love; and I am certain you have and you do; however, the kind of unforgiveness that we are talking about is the kind that keeps you from trusting your spouse, the kind that keeps you from having a close relationship with a parent, sibling or even your spouse. The issues that you still carry that are supporting and contributing to you ability to not trust. Those are the issues that you may still be harboring unforgiveness. These are the issues and emotions that keeps you on edge, plays with your emotions and ultimately will break your heart. These issues may even be driving your addictions.

These marriage seminars are not going to be a Marriage Counseling session. Oh they are quite the opposite. At Marriage Boot Camp, you will not sit and take notes, soak up the lectures or spend hours rambling. What you do in the Marriage Boot Camp is you will do experiential games, drills and activities that will get you in touch with your core feelings and emotions. Some of these games and drills you do on your own, with your spouse, with others in the seminar or in a small group. The group dynamic of these marriage seminars is what has been attributed to their success. There is comfort and safety knowing your marriage, right now, is absolutely normal. You are not alone in what you are currently experiencing. Thousands of other couples in the world share your emotions and struggles. When you attend a Marriage Boot Camp you will have anywhere from 20 to 50 other couples, just like you, who are at their last resort, standing there, staring at that fork, trying to decide which path to take.

We know you’ve already tried everything humanly possible to keep your marriage from tearing apart. So why not give it one last shot and take this marriage seminar? You’ve married your spouse because you’ve both seen something special in each other, or you once felt they were “THE ONE”. At this marriage seminar we will help you rediscover TOGETHER what made you fall in love in the first place. And if after attending our marriage boot camp your decide the left fork in the road is the path best taken for you, at least you know that you have fought until the very end. You can be confident that the decision to separate is made with a clear heart and full understanding, without the anger, bitterness or resentment to be carried forward to future relationships.

If you’re still here and haven’t skipped this article already,let me briefly explain what you will experience in this marriage retreat. You and your spouse will experience quality time together and our experts will help you communicate in a proper way, in order to understand each other’s pain and feelings. We use music to help you revert back to the feeling of that perfect moment in time. You will take part in interactive games, in groups and in dyads. You will also experience imaginative activities alone as well as with your spouse. All intended to get you in touch with the core issues that are hindering your life and relationship, teach you how to manage your feelings and understand your spouse’s needs and reasons for acting the way they do. Our purpose is to give you the ability to master the tools needed to move forward with a healthy, happy relationship, thriving with open communication.

Our marriage seminar has proven its benefits by helping thousands of family breach the gap that had installed between the spouses and by helping them rediscover their connection.
Do not give up just yet, give it one last shot with MBC – Marriage Boot Camp!
Remember – There’s no better marriage to fix than the one you are currently in!