The Marriage Boot Camp uses experiential, interactive games and drills.  You and your partner will be actively applying and practicing the tools, as you learn them.  Our program is designed to help you identify, address and deal with the issues in your relationship all while being in a safe, confidential environment with multiple mediators to help you and other couples who share the same relationship struggles.

I am sure, after a great deal of research, you may have found multiple marriage programs that might be able to help you with your current relationship struggles.  However, most marriage programs only address marital issues and avoid topics related to the individuals that make up the marriage.  Many programs are full of lectures, speeches and stats; things to give you more head knowledge about what makes relationships work or fail.  Chances are you’ve already acquired the same head knowledge other marriage programs are going to be teaching you.  However, as you’ve tried to put into practice the technique’s you’ve already “read” about, you quickly learn that knowledge without practical application is short lived or often times not fitting for your specific issues. Generally this creates a downward spiral of frustration, anger and animosity, leaving you both with a feeling of hopelessness for your relationship and contemplating a break up.

What makes the Marriage Boot Camp so effective?  Our games & drills focus on working on both you relationship and yourself as an individual.  When your mate grows as an individual it forces your relationship to grow; when you “both” grow individually, your relationship beings to flourish!

The activities you participate in will help you and your partner releases the feelings of despair, exhaustion and anger, which will open your heart to discover and reconnect that spark of love that may have been lacking.  Our program covers many relationship topics such as communication, conflict management, relationship needs, forgiveness, sex, rules for arguing and many more.

Marriage Boot Camp attendees will simultaneously attend the Life Enrichment Boot Camp where 70% of the games and drills focus on each of you as individuals. Between the two programs you will experience approximately 36 active hours, over a 4 day period, dedicated to yourself and your relationship! In Life Enrichment Boot Camp you will be able to address personal baggage and damage! We have found that unresolved issues from the past have a negative effect on your current relationship. You will achieve greater confidence, worth, value and peace within yourself and your relationship.

Most couple’s leave the Marriage Boot Camp feeling as though they have a clean slate and fresh start on their relationship.  The majority of couples feel as though their love is stronger than ever before.  Couple’s leave with a new sense hope, love and peace knowing they have the tools to resolve future issues in a healthy productive manner.