Does this sound like your marriage?

Are you tired of her always criticizing, or nagging you relentlessly? Is his honesty and time “out with the guys” an issue? Does she spend money without regard to the family budget? Have you contemplated how your life would be without your mate? Have you considered how much it would cost to hire an attorney? How will you break the news to the kids? SAY NO TO DIVORCE! We at Marriage Boot Camp have a much better solution!

80% of Marriage Boot Camp marriages are saved!

Our results are incredible! 80% of those headed for divorce graduate from the Boot Camp in love again. THIS is an invitation to a marriage seminar that is a proven solution to your marital woes. Times of stress and conflict make divorce seem like the best solution, but consider the average $150,000 price tag that comes with attorneys fees, court costs, and mediating and when children are caught in the middle you are going to spend thousands on the custody battle, child support, etc. not to mention that you will still have to co-parent with your ex-spouse.  Now, check out the statistics of a future successful marriage; 41% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and a whopping 73% of third marriages end in divorce.

Fall in love again!

You and your spouse CAN grow back together, rediscover falling in love and learn to nurture compassion that builds into an everlasting love again. The Marriage Boot Camp is an intense, interactive, and entertaining four-day marriage seminar. We’ve combined practices from every therapeutic modality to create the Marriage BootCamp and in 4 days will give you an experience equivalent to 2 years of traditional therapy. A combination of mental games, drills, and experiential exercises will expand your awareness and deepen your relationships on every level. Time and activities are structured so that every moment is maximized to work on strengthening your self-worth, your marriage and relationships with others. Break the cycles that keep you standing still and change your life!

Don’t give up!

Give your marriage one last shot with Marriage Boot Camp!
Remember – There’s no better marriage to fix than the one you are currently in!