Springtime is the time when things start to blossom and grow, and the cold, brutal winter is fading into the rearview mirror. And so it is with relationships. Spring is the time for new relationships to blossom. It’s also time to look for new ways to grow your current love affair. Here are the Marriage Boot Camp tips for planting your Spring Garden.

Plant Something Fresh!

Get off your lazy butt and do the hard work of growing the relationship that you want. Stop whining, complaining and blaming. Find a Boot Camp, a Conference, a Work Shop or a great counselor.

Get the Right Tools!

Communication is the key to a strong relationship. Study your mate, learn the subtle cues for attention, affirmation, and of course sex! Learn to speak your mate’s emotional language and love language.

Don’t Sweep it Under the Rug!

Deal with your past.  Take a thorough inventory of yourself and make sure that you aren’t poisoning your current relationship with your baggage.  When you grow, so will your marriage.

Fresh Coat of Love!

Make deposits into your mate’s love bank regularly so that you don’t have to rely on over draft protection.  Ask your mate to list those things that fill their love bank and then fill it up!

Clean Out the Clutter!

Dig up every shred of bitterness that you hold in your heart against your mate and get rid of it. Master the art of forgiveness. After all is said and done, release the offender from being in debt to you so that YOU can be free.