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ABC Conflict Resolution

[imageeffect image=”1226″ width=”283″ height=”188″ align=”alignleft” lightbox=”yes” target=”_self” alt=”ABC Conflict Resolution”]The ABC drill is intended to show you that you have unique, personal beliefs that drive how you see the world….

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Great Sex in 5 Minutes

Forget about lingerie, flowers, and chocolate. What??s the point? SEX is the point! And not just sex-sex but intimate sex! Sex that renews, refreshes, and refuels your relationship. The secret is the first five minutes. Follow this simple Marriage Boot Camp drill and after that, anything goes.

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How to Avoid Divorce

After twenty years of working with couples and seeing everything from pre-marrieds to unfaithful mates, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, the directors of the Marriage Boot Camp, offer you some of…