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The Marriage Boot Camp was never created with TV in mind, but that hasn’t stopped it from being noticed by some of the largest media in America. The Boot Camp has been a full-blown reality TV show on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas (recently renewed for two more seasons), a one-off episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, a pilot reality show for TLC, featured in the form of televised interviews on CNN and Fox, and has been written about numerous times via print and online by the Huffington Post, Dr. Phil, Today, ABC, NBC, and more.

It’s so much more than TV. The Marriage Boot Camp isn’t being featured because it makes good TV or interesting news – it’s because thousands of lives and relationships are being transformed! With Gene Simmons and Bridezillas, we’re able to see just a fraction of the drills and exercises that bring people through healing and repairing their past hurt, issues, and personal desires. This is exactly what you will experience if you give the program 100%. 

You have to give this program 100% because it’s worth every minute.

– Melissa Adams, Bridezilla