Erica M. Dallas, TX – LEBC

Jim Carroll

My experience with the LEBC was powerful and freeing. I walked away as an authentic and empowered woman! I had an incredibly big dream as a kid and put forth more hours every week into training for that dream than most adult people work hours at their job. I had dream killers along the way who didn’t even realize that’s who they became. It took this experience to realize those who hurt me needed to be forgiven for my own sake. It has opened my eyes that we can carry our hurts and worries in ways we don’t recognize and those closest to us can’t pin point the damage done without the right training, perspective, tools and love. This boot camp has given me so much clarity in who I am and what has held me hostage to not being free. I highly recommend you step out for a time to get to know yourself better. May you experience the freedom you were designed to live!