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Marriage Boot Camp Testimonials

To be sponsored to attend this marriage retreat is to be loved. I attended the marriage seminar not knowing what to expect. Knowing little about the exercises and drills,I attended with no inhibitions. I testify that if you truly want to learn some things about yourself,if you want to know freedom; freedom of hurts,disappointments,freedom from baggage that has been weighing you down even life long baggage. Know that self love,realization,forgiveness and freedom can be yours. Know that I am and was very,truly blessed.

Misty from Phoenix, AZ

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp has been so life changing for me. I have finally forgiven myelf of all my past mistakes and sins. I know how to love and how to be loved. I had such "walls" around my heart that I would only let people get within arms reach of me, this is including myself. I am FREE!! Free from fear, anxiety, other peoples dissatisfaction with me, rejection, the fear that I was unloveable.

Pamela from Atlanta, GA

The Life Enrichment Bootcamp was the beginning of my adult life. As an abused child I was stuck in the emotional world of a scared 12 yr old. Touch was painful and self love a fantasy. Now several years later I am a confident, beautiful woman. I am also a massage therapist enjoying the happiness and healing that touch can give. Fear was blocking my purpose and rage was blocking my love. I am excited about what the future holds and waking up in the morning is now a wonderful gift!

Louisefrom Wylie, Tx

The Life Enrichment Conference Camp made me aware of who was in control of my life and who should be in control of my life.

Christopher Dallas, TX

The marriage seminar helped me to find out what was affecting the way I was. The adventure helped me to let go of my past hurts and become a new secure and whole person in Christ. I felt the love of Christ and the firmness to help me change.

Amy from Ottawa

The marriage boot camp opened me up. It helped me to see and feel things I haven't in a while.

Debbie from Los Angeles

This program completely changed my life! I was dead inside & these four days gave me life again. It helped put me on the path that I have been looking for, for a long time. I feel excited about what is ahead for my life.

Reagan from Houston

AWESOME experience!! This Marriage Seminar Boot Camp changed my attitude toward work and relationships. There is so much joy in my life as a result! Most importantly, the experience helped me turn my fears and hurts over to God. I finally trust my Father with my whole heart, and look forward to what He has planned for my life!

Liz from Dallas, TX

The Marriage Retreat helped break me out of my comfort zone. I learned about who is really in control if I don't forgive.

Dan from Atlanta, GA

I am so glad my husband and I attended the Marriage Boot Camp in Atlanta, this past year. We will celebrate our 20 year anniversary next week, however prior to the MBC, I would have seen us heading to separation, possible divorce. We have been thru many hard times, but for some reason we just couldn't pull ourselves out of the last 8 year's trauma. We had grown apart due to anger and pain of a suicude in our family. At the MBC, each of us were given space and time to work on ourself as well as the marriage. What a miracle has happened. We feel like newlyweds. We are teammates and best friends and lovers, just like we were 20 years ago. Thanks Atlanta MBC for help in our journey.

Sharon from Clarksville, TN