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Marriage Boot Camp Testimonials

This program will change your life for the better!! Any bitterness, resentment, hurt, anger, lonliness, communication issues, abandonment, abuse that is embedded in your life this camp will escape you from it. You will feel enlightened and back to loving life instead of just living life!! Bootcamp was amazing! I was able to find my best friend and the love of my life that was lost in our hectic life!

Stacey & Marcus McKenzie

I will have a higher self esteem and confidence about myself. I will be able to go around my family and be able to speak up without feeling like my spirit is being broken. I feel happy and whole since the marriage help at the Boot Camp.

Cassandra from Houston, TX

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp gave me the tools to release my past hurts and become the woman that God created me to be. I also discovered my purpose in life at Boot Camp and now have a passion for life that I have never had before. I now want to share this program with everone!

Lori from Houston

I had no idea that I could have such a positive and compassionate experience. 30 plus motivated couple and 4 days together touched and changed my heart and rid me of past baggage. I cannot say enough good @ Jim, David, Elizabeth and numerous other trainers. Those people care. Where do you find that? I cannot wait to go back as a trainer myself and help these people help others like me.

Larry Appleton,Wi.

The Marriage seminar helped me to feel good again by learning to love myself.

Gwen from Atlanta

I am finally freed from abuse!

Jacqueline from Vancouver

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp helped me to discover myself, and rededicate my life to Christ.

Angela from Ottawa

This experience of 4 days has impacted my 52 years of existence to the max. Going into it,I had conviction to give it 100%. Like most people my main hope was to "fix my wife". By day 2 she had her breakthrough in the process. Of course she didn't believe I was all in like her. Luckily the Trainers reassured her to focus on her and not me. Just trust the process and let it work step by step. By the end of day 3 it hit me. Not quite so much like hammer to the head but like being let in on a big secret. I know now that all of life is good and I can feel free to be joyful.
I just can't express enough also meeting new friends. Mind you I am not the social extrovert. But the fellowship of other Boot Campers was a reminder that we all have similar issues,regardless of age, color, social status. If you or someone you know have any hesitation you are missing out. Me and my wife encourage everybody to reward yourself and attend. Whatever money you spend for vacation,wedding,honeymoon,divorce,counseling will not match this Boot Camp experience.


The Marriage Boot Camp helped me renew my relationship with God and gave me peace again.

Angela from Dallas

I experienced God's love and acceptance during marrige bootcamp like never before. I believe God performed a miracle in my life during these four days. It was a truly AWESOME experience.

Karen from Dallas