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Marriage Boot Camp Testimonials

In the 29 years of marriage we have never experienced anything more enlightning and refreshing than the marriae seminar and boot camp. It was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. We always thought we had a great marriage, but we didnt realized how dim our light was getting until we completed this experience. Now we are shining bright with God's light in our eyes and heart, and other people see the changes in us already. The bond in our marriage has grew 10 fold of what it was before this seminar. Now there is far less stress in our lives because we now know how to let that stress bleed away into nothingness. God is present in this marriage seminar and he touches all whom attend in a very special and loving way. God be with the staff and all who attend. It is a life changing experience that we will never forget. Thank you so much, and God bless....

Terry from Canada

The Boot Camp gave me the confidence to know I could love myself every day. Washed away some fears and hurts from past abuse...freed me to shine!

Cathy from Dallas, TX

The Marriage Seminar Boot Camp has shown me, I am worthy of God's love and I can live a peaceful life. I am now able to receive God's love and give that same love to my fellow man.

James from Houston, TX

The Marriage Boot and Life Enrichment Boot Camp was definitely a life changing experience. I feel more confident, capable, open, and honest as a woman! My husband and I both grew as individuals and as a couple! We met so many people! We walked away with so many new friendships! The Boot Camp was one of the best experiences of MY LIFE!

Kelly Claremore, OK

This Boot Camp was one of the best experiencies in my life. I learn the gift of forgivess and to be a better person, not only for me but for all the people around me. I met awesome people, and my life has taken a mayor turn in a positive direction.

Lorena from Dallas TX

It was wonderful to see 100 closed and fearful Hearts open to the Love and Healing this Boot Camp facilitates. Mine included. Thank you, I recommend this to everyone.

Don, Dallas, TX

A great life experience. The Marriage Boot Camp helped me face my pain and teach me forgiveness. If your lost or confused, this is for you. Do it for yourself.

Lily from Houston

I came into the bootcamp just 2 weeks after my husband blindsided me with wanting a divorce after over 12 years of marriage. I just knew that this bootcamp will show him that I was a perfect mate and all our problems came from his imperfections. Boy was I wrong! I learned that a deep dark secret that I hid from myself and refused to recognize actually contributed in a negative way to my marriage and made it toxic. While we focused on ourselves, we learned about each other and how messed up we both were when we got together. While we are continuing with the divorce, we are much closer and open with each other since we first met over 13 years ago. This is a must for every marriage whether you e about to get married, your marriage needs tweaking or your going through your divorce. I wish we had gone through this when we first got engaged it would've have allowed us to relate to each other in a healthy non destructive way. Thank you to David, Jim, Elizabeth, Dana and all the trainers!

Patti Jo, Colleyville, TX

The Marriage Seminar is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I feel so rejuvenated and focused on my life's purpose. Thanks for this opportunity to feel confident again!

Tangie from Harrisburg, PA

The Marriage Boot Camp helped me find the love & healing power of God. God used this program to help heal me of the past.

Nancy from Houston