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Marriage Boot Camp Testimonials

Many of us have never had anyone explain to us to a marriage relationship should be. I was always going of the example that my parents gave me. Men work hard to be the breadwinners. While the wife does the house chores and her volunteer work and as long as we are tolerant of each other; that is an OK marriage. What a relief to know that a relationship can be much more than that! Be open minded and make sure that you are willing to expect the changes that will be the tools for your personal growth!

Elton from Winnipeg

I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience at the Marriage Seminar. My husband and I went in Oct 2005. He had gone through another seminar that was similar and thought he was not going to get anything out of it - WELL HE GOT ALOT OUT OF IT. We both are glad we INVESTED the time and effort to go. In the class you will have alot of fun - make friends, get a new outlook on life - it was interesting and fabulous. My coach was outstanding! I think this should be MANDATORY before marriage and about the 10 year mark - It brightened my world. THANK YOU Jim and Dave and all the staff - your making the world a better place!

Wendy from Ottawa, Canada

This was the best thing a person at any stage of a relationship can benefit from. I will now enter marriage with all the road blocks gone. We will start as the two happiest friends on earth.

Kyle from Houston

The Marriage Boot Camp freed me of the concern and worry of my parents and sister to supporting my marriage. The seminar allowed me to forgive these 3 people (something that's been needed badly for too long!)

Horace from Atlanta

The Boot Camp renewed our marriage. It dropped our excess baggage and lifted our marriage to new heights.

Van from Dallas

My husband and I just graduated The Marriage Bootcamp and I have to say that this was a huge blessing for us. We were on a path headed straight for an ugly divorce. We were offered the chance to attend The Marriage Bootcamp and we felt that we had nothing to lose and went for it! Boy do these guys know what they're doing! I was a broken fearful woman and my husband was bitter and angry on day 1 and on the day we graduated, we were two completely different people. I am strong and confident and my husband is calm and loving. We are getting to know each other all over again and we love what we see! We cannot wait to pay it forward and be trainers ourselves! These wonderful people have canged our lives! Thank you so much for everything!

Colleen, Chino Hills, Ca

I use to define myself as a stubborn, angry and empty person. After boot camp I now define myself as a happy, free, valuable, loving and forgiving person!!! I walked into the boot camp desperate to find out why I am so angry and empty. I found out why and so much more!!! I was able to forgive those that have hurt me, including myself. I am the old me again but, so much better!!! Friends say I glow and have a peace about me. For the first time in a very long time, I am looking forward to my life! Thank you to all of the Directors & Trainers for helping me get my life back! God Bless all of you!

Darlene, Garland, TX

This class gave me another chance at life. I never knew the issues I had before this seminar and I think if everyone takes this class we could have a better world to live in. I truly love this and I was truly blessed.

Jan, Dallas, TX

After attending the Life Enrichment Boot Camp for the 2nd time in 6 years...I know I will do it again in the future. This experience has helped me to let go of deep hurts and feelings of inadequacy. At the end...your life is truly "enriched"!!

Lynette, McKinney, TX

The Marriage Boot Camp was the greatest gift I have ever given myself! I was set free of unforgiveness within myself and I have my joy back that was stolen from me as a child! I am so excited about life and I can now move forward to be all that God has called me to be as a woman of God! I would recommend this to everyone!

Judy from Houston, TX