Throughout Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas couples whose marriages are on a path to destruction undergo a two-week boot camp run by husband and wife counseling team, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. During this intensive program, the counselors go head to head with the Bridezillas and their mates, putting them through a progressive series of strategic exercises and drills designed to get at the root of what is destroying their marriages and whether they can find peace and happiness together.


Marriage Boot Camp
Renewed for Season 2

NEW YORK, NY August 1, 2013, Just days after the completion of a successful first season, WE tv gave a second season greenlight to its hit summer series Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. Produced by Thinkfactory Media, in cooperation with September Films, Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas pairs five previous Bridezillas and their husbands together in a single house to undergo intense couples counseling to try to save their marriages. WE tv has ordered 10 episodes to premiere in early 2014. Production begins in the fall.

Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas had three successful seasons before WE tv decided to start Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is on its 7th season and airs Friday nights on WE tv.

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